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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Sam and Ava, apparently recovered from their earlier scare, climb a rickety staircase to the roof of the motel's outbuilding, recently occupied by Gordon and Dean, neither of whom are in sight at the moment. Sam kneels to retrieve the shell casings Gordon so sloppily left behind, and immediately identifies them as "two-twenty-three caliber subsonic rounds." "The guy must have put a suppressor on the rifle!" Sammy croons. "Dude!" Ava protests. "Who are you?" Heh. Sam bumbles out an excuse that involves a television diet heavy on the T. J. Hooker reruns before whipping out his cell phone to call Dean. After a couple of rings, El Deano answers. "I've been looking for you," Dean tells his brother. By the way, in the shot we get here of Dean's face, we can't quite tell if he's holding the phone himself. Sam quickly passes along his current coordinates. "I know," Dean replies. "I talked to Ellen. Just got here myself. It's a real funky town." During all this, the camera's been panning up Dean's legs and arms, lashed tightly to a chair with lengths of thick rope. When the camera finally reaches his head, we can spot one of Gordon's hands pressing the cell to Dean's ear while the other trains an automatic on Dean's kneecap. That's hardcore, dude. "My husband Jack Bauer would wholeheartedly approve," Raoul nods. Raoul's still clutching that scrapbook to his chest. I thought you should know. In any event, the rest of their conversation doesn't really matter at this point, save for the bit where Dean LIES that he's staying at 5637 Monroe Street, which the eagle-eyed amongst you would have recognized when this originally aired as the address from Ava's Splattery Sam Bits premonition. Sam agrees to meet Dean there, and the boys sign off. "Now, was that so hard?" Gordon smooves, snapping shut Dean's phone. "Bite me," Dean snarls. Get it? No, seriously, do you get it? I mean, I'd have Raoul explain it for you, but he's too busy scrawling "Mrs. Jack Bauer" over and over again on his scrapbook to care.

Back on the roof, Sam furrows his brow. "What is it?" Ava wonders. "My brother's in trouble," Sam growls. "What?" Ava gapes. "He gave me a code word," Sam reveals while pulling out a pad of Blue Rose Motel notepaper to scribble down the Monroe Street address. "Someone's got a gun on him." "'Code word'?" Ava repeats, incredulously. "Yeah," Sam replies, casually enough, "'Funkytown.'" Ha! Ava gives Sam this, "You're kidding me with this bullshit, aren't you?" tilt of her head. Heh. "He thought of it!" Sam hastily explains, embarrassed. "'s...kind of a...long story," he stammers before hustling her off the roof. Hee! To all of it, but especially to the bit about Dean picking "Funkytown" to indicate someone's got a gun to his head, because I find that entirely plausible. "My husband Jack Bauer loves Lipps Inc.," Raoul claims, "but I can see your point here."

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