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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Crack Shack. Dean, in cocky mode, chides Gordon with, "I know Sam and I aren't your favorite people, but don't you think this is a little extreme?" Gordon, who's unloading a small arsenal on a nearby table, menaces, "You think this is about revenge?" "Well," Dean smirks, "we did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days." Dean pauses for a moment before snickering, "Which was awesome." Heh. "Sorry, I shouldn't laugh," Dean adds, not feeling terribly sorry about that particular situation at all. "This isn't personal," Gordon coolly insists. "I'm not a killer, Dean, I'm a hunter, and your brother's fair game." Gordon rams a clip into another automatic for emphasis. DUN! Dean's ducky-lipped glare of fraternal outrage burns holes through the back of Gordon's blue flannel shirt.

Elsewhere, Ava wants very much to remain in Lafayette to help Sammy rescue Dean, but gentlemanly Sam insists she return to Peoria, where she'll be safe with her fiancé. It takes a little bit of convincing, but Ava finally motors off in her blue Volkswagen bug, after eliciting a promise from Sam that the latter will call the minute he and his brother are safe.

Crack Shack, and dear God. Gordon's speechifying. Again. "My husband Jack Bauer doesn't waste time with mere words," Raoul would like to remind everyone. Raoul, your "husband Jack Bauer" is a fake person on the television set. Get a grip! "See? Words. Words just like those. My husband Jack Bauer doesn't waste time with mere words like those." Sigh. I must confess, I really hope tomorrow night's 24 episodes aren't quite as gore-tastic as tonight's were. I'm afraid we'll lose Raoul for good if they are. Anyway. Recap. Crack Shack. Speechifying. BOREDOM. The only amusing bit comes when Dean discovers Gordon ended up killing a teenaged girl in Louisiana as a result of the torture he inflicted upon the demon possessing her, and...I haven't even finished the set-up, and already it's not funny anymore. Long story short, Dean calls Gordon a son of a bitch for letting the girl die, and Gordon promptly whaps Dean upside the head before calmly reminding his captive, "That's my mother you're talking about." See? Not so funny once I've typed it all out. And by the by, I've got nothing against Sterling K. Brown at all -- he's been doing a stellar job with Gordon's off-kilter mellow-yet-psychotic version of menace since he first appeared on the Supernatural screen three months ago -- but I just wish Gordon would stop talking already.

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