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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Anyway, before he snuffed out the life of the demon's host, Gordon managed to learn both of The Coming War and of The Ceiling Demon's plans to transform Sammy and the other special children into his very own foot soldiers. Gordon then claims he confirmed the demon's accusations with a little research of his own -- "You got your Roadhouse connections, I got mine" is the way he puts it -- which led him first to poor Dead Scott, and thence on to Sammy himself. There's a lot more yammering after that, but the upshot of it all is that Gordon's actually setting two tripwires, just to make sure he gets the job done when Sam tries to sneak into the Crack Shack through the back door. Oh, and Gordon still has his own blood caked onto his chin! Ew! "Pffft," Raoul snorts. "Did you see that deep gouge in my husband Jack Bauer's shoulder? And the gruesome mass of scar tissue just covering my husband Jack Bauer's left hand?" Yeah, Raoul, riddle me this: How in hell did your husband Jack Bauer manage to scrape off two years' worth of Chinese grime and unruly facial hair in a minute and a half using nothing more than a bowl of lukewarm water in an airplane hangar? Answer me that, huh? "Again, you just don't understand true love." Good Lord. Is this scene over yet? What? I missed the METAL TEETH CHOMP!? Thanks for nothing, Raoul!

Crack Shack. We watch Gordon string one of the tripwires before following him back into the front room, where Dean argues for Sam's life, and Gordon will not stop talking already! And OH MY GOD. He even pulls out that tired old "If you got the chance to kill Hitler before Hitler became Hitler, you'd have to do it, right?" non-argument I grew weary of in high school. SHUT UP, GORDON. SHUT UP AND DIE. Is this scene over yet? I think this scene is over. We have to wait for Gordon to tie a gag around Dean's mouth first? Okay. So, he did it? And this is over? Good.

Outside the Crack Shack, Sam steps into a real-time reenactment of Ava's nightmare, from examining the address on the motel's stationery to edging across the trash-bestrewn front porch to peek through the slats of a boarded-up window to...HEY! He didn't see Dean bound and gagged in that chair before! Nor did he see Gordon sitting stonily at Dean's side with a rifle in his lap! Rip off! In any event, now that we know why Sam picked the lock on the Crack Shack's back door in the premonition, we get to watch him sprint 'round to do it all over again. Meanwhile, Dean's growing increasingly frantic. "You hear him?" Gordon murmurs, cocking an ear towards the rear of the shack. "Here he comes!" Gordon whispers as Sam clicks open the back door. Dean strains against the ropes until the first grenade detonates, flashing red and yellow through the back room. "RRRRAAAAAAAHM!" Dean screams through the gag in his mouth, and I must assume he's calling not for my United States Representative, but for his brother. "Hold on," Gordon croons, "not yet. Just wait and see." And the strings go apeshit on the soundtrack until a second, even larger explosion rips through the back room with enough force to send shards of wood spinning through the air past Dean's head. When the blast wave passes, Dean looks like he's going to cry. Awwww. Not. What a fricking pussy.

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