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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Aftermath. Sam staggers into the front room and struggles to free one of his brother's wrists. If by "struggles," of course, one means, "tugs lightly at the prop rope until it quite easily flops bonelessly to the floor." Dean hastily relieves himself of his other bonds and immediately leaps to his feet, dragging Sam up with him and anxiously examining his brother's wounds. "Son of a bitch!" Dean rages after taking in the gouges on Sam's face, and he stomps off in a bow-legged fury towards the back of the shack. "Dean, no," Sam stops him. "I let him live once, I'm not making the same mistake twice," Dean vows. "Trust me," Sam insists, "Gordon's taken care of." Dean squints in confusion, so Sam just sighs, "Come on," and tugs Dean through the Crack Shack's front door.

Our Intrepid Heroes lope tiredly towards the street...until Gordon pops up on the front porch with guns blazing! D'OH! The boys take off and leap behind a convenient mound of dirt across the street. Gordon keeps shooting in their direction until -- wait for it -- two "Lafayette Metro Police Department" prowlers scream up on either side of him to disgorge four cops who immediately scream for Gordon to drop his handguns and get down on the ground, pronto. Before complying, Gordon takes a moment to glare in Sam's general direction. Meanwhile, Sam's practically peeing himself with glee, and Dean -- finally grokking to Sam's master plan -- gets the sort of goofy grin on his face I don't think I've seen since his "Hook Man" horndog glory days. As Our Intrepid Heroes peer through the underbrush, Lafayette's finest poke around Gordon's El Camino and waste no time in finding Gordon's impressive weapons stash. "Anonymous tip," Sam whispers to Dean. "You're a fine, upstanding citizen, Sam," Dean admiringly replies. The boys snicker at each other as the camera jumps back over to the handcuffed Gordon so we can all get one last look at him before The State Of Indiana slings his insane ass into the METAL TEETH CHOMP! for a very, very long time.

Harvelle's. Ellen's on the phone with Dean, and Dean is reading her the riot act regarding Gordon's purported Roadhouse connections. Ellen assures him that if Gordon did receive information on Sam from someone at Harvelle's, that person most certainly was not Ash, Jo, or Ellen herself. "You can say a lot of things about us," Ellen warns him, "but we are not disloyal, and we aren't stupid. We haven't breathed a word of this." Dean won't drop it, however, so Ellen's forced to remind him that the Roadhouse is full of other hunters, at least twelve of whom she could name right now who could have figured out the details of The Not-So-Great Mommy Immolation Of 1983 on their own. On the other end of the line, Dean works his mouth around as if to counter this with yet another accusation, but he ultimately remains silent. "I am sorry about what happened, Dean," Ellen finishes, "but I can't control these people, or what they choose to believe." I should note I'm taking Ellen at her word, here, but I do think she has more than a little misplaced faith in Ash. We'll see what happens.

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