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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

The good doctor's face remains impressively impassive as he nods down to scribble something into the notebook on his lap. Just as Grace Slick delivers the opening line of the song, Scott's expression hardens a bit. "You don't believe me," he quietly accuses the good doctor. "I believe that you believe it," Dr. Waxler offers in that maddeningly unresponsive way television analysts have. "Wanna shake on it?" Scott nearly sneers, leaning forward to reach out with his right hand in a challenge to the good doctor's apparent disbelief. As Grace suggests we all go ask Alice when the latter's ten feet tall, Waxler blankly appraises the proffered hand before shifting the conversation's focus with, "Why would you want to kill the neighbor's cat, Scott?" "I don't," Scott growls with frustration as he slumps back onto the sofa. "He does, and he doesn't want me to stop there." And who He? Why, the yellow-eyed Ceiling Demon, of course! He's been visiting dear Scott -- much as he did Anson Weems earlier -- to tell him to do "awful things." "I tell him no," Scott insists, "'No, I don't want to!'" but the crafty Ceiling Demon counters by hinting at all of the grand plans he has for his little kitty fryer. "What kind of plans?" asks the good doctor. Scott remains silent about that, biting his lower lip instead as he looks down, dismayed, thereby allowing Grace Slick's wailing to assume complete control of the soundtrack.

The camera cuts to Scott trudging through the nighttime mist down an otherwise deserted paved walkway next to the fenced-off tracks of a light commuter railroad. He nervously glances behind him for a moment before continuing down towards his car, which he's parked in an isolated spot beneath the railroad's viaduct. Trains rumble past overhead as Grace Slick starts going nuts, and just as she makes it through the bit about the White Knight and the Red Queen and the Dormouse, Scott reaches his car and moves to unlock the driver's-side door. The camera slides past Scott's shoulder to catch the inky silhouette of some hulking interloper reflected upon the back window's glass. Scott whirls around to catch the dim streetlights glinting off the massive blade of a serrated hunter's knife, and as Grace Slick starts full-on baying about feeding your head, the interloper plunges the blade into Scott's stomach. Scott's mouth gapes open in a howl of pain, but between the trains above and Grace on the soundtrack, we can't hear him scream. He shoots his right hand forward to fry his attacker's entrails like a hamburger, but the interloper both snatches at Scott's wrist and pushes him back against his car with the knife, digging ever deeper into Scott's torso before yanking the knife upwards to gut Scott like a fish. Scott falls backwards -- bonelessly -- against the car's door, and a thick stream of blood pours from the side of his mouth down his neck as he gasps and he chokes and Grace Slick is baying and his eyes glaze over and she's squalling and yowling and...

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