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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Oh, sorry. You might be wondering why Raoul and I aren't collapsing into shuddering and sobbing heaps of grief and dismay over poor Sammy's untimely and violent dismemberment. It's because we've already seen this episode, and so understand it's all yet another fake-out on The Kripkeeper's part. "Albeit one that was quite delightfully gruesome!" Raoul giggles. "Good show, Mr. Kripkeeper!" Yes, we linger for all of five seconds on Sam's miserable and sooty ankle boot before the screen shudders around, dancing between the image of Sam erupting into a spray of bloody foulness and a shot of moonlight streaming through a set of partially closed blinds before the camera lands on a sweaty brunette gasping herself awake in bed next to her significant other. "Honey?" the guy at her side mumbles, still half-asleep. "You okay?" "I just had another nightmare," she breathes, somewhat disoriented and shaking her head as if to clear it. "It's nothing," she assures him. "Just go back to sleep." "You sure?" he wonders, concerned. "Yeah," she insists as she settles back onto the pillows with him. The significant other promptly dozes off, but the brunette fretfully stares the camera down until she's gobbled up by the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Harvelle's. Sam enters and nods noncommittally at the two or three hunters who immediately stare him down before heading over to the bar, where Ellen greets him affably enough by name. "You don't seem that surprised to see me," Sam realizes. "Your brother's been calling," Ellen confirms, "worried sick, looking for you." "Yeah," Sam bites, "figured he might." "What's going on between you two?" Ellen leads, her gentle tone indicating Sam should feel completely comfortable confiding in her. Sam declines the offer of a shoulder to cry upon by pointedly changing the subject, inquiring after Ellen's daughter. Ellen smiles and nods at the inelegant dodge but plays along with it, admitting she doesn't really know what Jo's been up to lately. Seems after Jo's experiences with Our Intrepid Heroes in The City Of Brotherly Love For All Except Skinny Little Blonde Yuppies Too Stupid To Move To Camden, she decided to continue hunting. "Not under my roof," Ellen told her, so Jo skipped out on her own, and there's been no contact between the two women outside of a few postcards for the last few weeks. Sam takes a moment to process all that, then apologizes by half-joking, "So, I'm probably the last person you want to see right now." "Oh, don't get me wrong," Ellen chuckles, shaking her head, "I wish I could blame the hell out of you boys." "It'd be easier," she admits as Captain Empathy suits up to gift her with Action Sammy's Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes. "Truth is," Ellen continues, "it's not your fault, Sam." "None of it is," she emphasizes, perhaps referring to more than the current spoken topic of conversation, which happens to be whatever the hell Daddy Shut Up did to get her husband killed all those many years in the past. "I want you to know that I forgave your daddy a long time ago for what happened to my Bill," she assures him before adding, "I just don't think he ever forgave himself." "As well he shouldn't!" Raoul interjects, sharing in the undying collective loathing of Our Intrepid Heroes' worthless father. "Bastard!" Captain Empathy ignores Raoul completely to gaze deep into Ellen's pained eyes and whisper, "What did happen?" This time, it's Ellen's turn to pull an inelegant dodge of her own as she shrugs off the question to wonder why Sam stopped by. Given Sam's earlier almighty snit about Secrets! and Lies!, I'm surprised he doesn't call her on it, but he lets it slide to admit, "I need help."

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