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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

By the way, it was at this point in the recap that Raoul and I took a break to catch the first two hours of this season's 24, and when Jack Bauer bit through that terrorist's jugular and spat the gristly gobbets of flesh out onto the floor, Raoul shrieked himself into such a delighted tizzy, he nearly dropped into the depths of his overstuffed armchair in a boneless faint. You'll be pleased to know, though, that he's now entirely recovered. "Well, mostly recovered," Raoul corrects, fanning a paw in front of his face to calm himself once more. "Just the mere thought of that scene is enough to give me the vapors! Why they can't present something like that on this show is beyond me! Wheeeeee!" Oh, Raoul, just give them time. Once again, 24 has raised the bar for prime-time gore, so I'm sure we'll be getting something very similar here, very soon. And now, back to Supernatural.

As the camera pans down through the yellowed leaves of an old tree to land on the façade of a small ranch home, we hear a man's voice ask, "You said you went to high school with Scott?" "Yes, sir, I did," Sam's voice LIES, adding, "I just heard what happened." We cut inside to find Mr. Carey hunched over with grief in one of the armchairs in the living room. "He was a good boy," Mr. Carey assures Sam, "but he changed a lot since you knew him." "What do you mean?" Sam wonders. "Started about a year ago," Mr. Carey tells him. "These headaches, and then he got depressed. Paranoid. Nightmares." At Sam's prompting, Mr. Carey admits that Scott never confided the content of those nightmares in his father. Mr. Carey did try to get help for his son, "but nothing took." "He'd just lock himself in his room for days," Mr. Carey sighs, looking lost. Action Sammy with The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes leaps at this entirely unexpected investigatorial opening and asks to see Scott's room. A slight frown of confusion passes across Mr. Carey's face, but he, apparently, is as much of a sucker for The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes as El Deano, for the next thing we know, Sam is wandering -- unaccompanied -- into Dead Scott's room to root through the deceased's effects. On the bedside table, Sam finds numerous prescription bottles, and tilts the one full of clonazepam to note they were prescribed by the good doctor Waxler. Sam surreptitiously pockets one of the other bottles before turning to bang into Scott's closet. Spotting some sort of bizarre collage on the back wall, Sam pushes aside the shirts to find the sheetrock papered over with oversized eyes ripped from magazines. All of the preexisting irises have been scratched out, replaced with the yellow, marbled look of The Ceiling Demon's own. Sam gulps. DUN!

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