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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Back at The Blue Rose Motel, Sam hikes across the glistening and deserted parking lot to his room. If the camera's leap over to a corner of the building to follow his passage from that different vantage point is anything to go by, he's being watched. And sure enough, just as Sam fits his room key into the door's lock, a pair of heels clicks up behind him. Action Sammy wheels around to snatch the intruder up by her shoulders and fling her against the motel's wall. "Who are you?!" he shouts. "Please!" comes the heaving response, and the camera swings around to reveal...that sweaty brunette chick from the earlier scene! "You're in danger!" the brunette -- no longer quite so sweaty, I must note -- pants. DUN! I think! I mean, I'm pretty sure! But we'll have to see how this plays out, of course! And maybe I should knock it off with all of this and get to the next scene already! "You really should!" Okay, then!

The room's wallpaper is an optical nightmare of overlapping, concentric circles in silver, blue, and white, but goddamn if Jared Padalecki doesn't look adorable perched in front of it all on the television set's credenza. Meanwhile, the brunette's been babbling, "Okay, I know how all this sounds, but I am not insane, and I am not on drugs, okay? I am normal, and this is way, way off the map for me." Sam instructs her to calm down, and eventually, introductions are made. Meet "Ava Wilson," and I wish there were something frightfully off about her appearance that I could mock at this juncture, but aside from a set of eyebrows that are perhaps a little too heavily penciled in, she's entirely normal-looking. The actress's resume isn't giving me anything to run with either, as Katharine Isabelle's yet another Vancouverite who's appeared in scads of Canadian television productions few in the United States would ever have known about. So, long story short, Ava looks, dresses, and behaves just like any anonymous early twentysomething you might pass on the street, and this, as we shall soon discover, is A Very Good Thing Indeed. With Sam's patient assistance, Ava reveals her backstory, and it's very similar to ones we've heard before: She'd been leading an completely ordinary life up until about a year ago, when she started receiving both aggravating headaches and terrifying nightmares. The former she fended off with aspirin, and the latter she pretty much ignored until about a month ago, when she had a particularly vivid dream of a young man being gutted like a fish in an isolated parking lot beneath a light-rail's viaduct. A couple of days later, she stumbled across a wire service report of the pre-credits murder in her local paper, and immediately recognized the accompanying photograph of poor Dead Scott. "I saw this guy die days before it happened," Ava squeaks, a little panicky and still distraught from the experience, "and I don't know why, it's just, some reason, my dreams are coming true!" Captain Empathy's about to leap forward to reveal he shares her precognitive ability, but something in Ava's tone keeps him perched silently upon the credenza in his ridiculous tights.

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