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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

"Last night, I had another one," Ava admits, avoiding his gaze, "about you." She forces herself to look him in the eye for this next bit: "I saw you die," she states with almost equal amounts of sympathy for the remarkably broad-shouldered impending spray of gore, here, and apprehension over the fact that the remarkably broad-shouldered impending spray of gore now likely thinks she's batshit crazy. So she's a bit thrown, then, when Sam simply responds to her warning by wondering how she knew where to find him. "Oh! Uh," she flusters before collecting herself and blurting, "you had motel stationery, and I Googled the motel, and it was real, and so I thought I should...warn you." Towards the end, there, she started running out of steam, twisting her fingers around with hesitation while perhaps realizing how stupid she sounded. And from her perspective, Sam seconds that emotion by snickering, "I don't believe this!" Ava's face falls and she rather endearingly flails around the room for a bit to moan, "Of course you don't -- you think I'm a total nutjob!" "Wait, no!" Sam hastens to assure her. "I mean, you must be one of us!" Ava's all, "Sore-y?" so Sam excitedly explains he's a psychic, too, and he and Ava must share a "connection." "A-ha!" Ava snorts. "So, you're nuts! That's great!" In an attempt to convince her, Sam mentions The Great Mommy Immolation Of 1983, but that's a non-starter, because Ava's mother is alive and well and living in Palm Beach. "So, you don't fit the pattern, either," Sam realizes. Ava just goggles at him.

Somewhere else, Metallicar grumbles through the night as Dean's cell phone chirps. "It's Ellen," she announces when he answers. "Have you heard from Sam?" Dean asks immediately. "Yes, I have," she admits, "but he made me promise not to tell you where he is." "Come on!" Dean protests. "Please! I mean, something bad could be going on, here, and I swore I'd look after that kid!" "Now, Dean," she begins, launching herself into a little down-home lecturing. "They say you can't protect your loved ones forever." On his end of the line, Dean looks pissed, but remains silent. Ellen, for her part, realizes how asinine that sentiment sounds coming from her after that nasty kafuffle over Jo in Philadelphia, and nearly rolls her eyes at herself before continuing, "Well, I say screw that -- what else is family for? He's in Lafayette, Indiana." Ellen is awesome. Dean issues a gruff thanks and snaps shut his phone.

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