Hunteri Heroici

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"That's All, Folks!"

Back to the present. The Winchesters and Castiel park in an alley behind Mahoney's bank of choice. Dean slips into the bank through one of Mahoney's painted circles while Sam and Castiel set off in search of Fred. As they race up and down the street, peering into parked cars, Castiel gets a whiff of something powerful. This time, it's not a bladder infection. He finds Fred in the back of a van, watching cartoons on a tablet. Sam tries to get his attention, but Fred doesn't even seem to hear him. "If we could just talk to him," Sam says. Castiel places his hands on top of both Fred's and Sam's. A bright light envelops them...

... and transports them into Fred's mind. It looks like a cartoon desert. "Who the hell are you?" Fred asks. The desert landscape shatters like glass, giving way to 360 degrees of TV static. "I'm Sam! Sam Winchester." Fred concentrates for a bit. Then: "John's boy? The scrawny one?" Sam makes a hilarious face because he's the opposite of scrawny now. The static lifts for a few moments, showing the cartoon desert again, but as Fred's wariness grows, so does the static. "Why are you here, Sam?" We cut over to bank vault for a second as Dean confronts Mahoney: "What's up, Doc?"

By the time we get back to Fred's mind, Sam and Castiel have explained most of what's been going on. Fred is having a hard time believing that someone is using him as some kind of psychic power source. "It doesn't work that way," he says. "How would you know?" Sam asks. "No offense, but it seems like you've been spending more time in here than you have out there." It's not like Alzheimer's patients choose to lose their minds. The show is just trying too hard to compare Fred's situation to Sam's and Castiel's.

Back inside the vault, Mahoney tries to buy Dean off with half the loot. "I'm not into stealing from sweet old ladies," Dean says. "I'm not stealing from them -- I'm stealing from their children," Mahoney says. Dean still doesn't bite, so Mahoney shoves past him and scampers out of the vault. Dean raises his gun, pulls the trigger and out pops a little flag that says "BANG!" Dean chases Mahoney through the bank. As he takes a flying leap to tackle Mahoney, the frame freezes and a little cartoon caption pops up next to Dean: "Dean Winchester (Hunterus Heroicus)." Unlike Wile E. Coyote, Dean manages to catch his prey. Mahoney reaches into his jacket and produces a cast iron skillet, with which he proceeds to beat Dean about the head and face. A slide whistle provides a musical accompaniment to Dean's comical tumble to the floor. Just when it looks like he might lose the goofy battle, he reveals that he's painted an X right where Mahoney is standing. An anvil falls from the sky, but Mahoney, having been forewarned, dives out of the way.

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