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"That's All, Folks!"

Still inside Fred's mind, Sam asks him to take back control. "It can be nice living in a dream world," Sam says. "It can be great! I know that. You can hide and pretend that all the crap out there doesn't exist, but you can't do it forever because eventually, whatever it is you're running from will find you." The panoramic static turns to a test pattern. The camera focuses on Castiel so we know that he's recognizing his own situation. Sam pleads with Fred to wake up before his dreams destroy him. The test pattern gives way to searing white light.

Mahoney makes a run for it, but hits a solid wall when he tries to leap through one of his painted circles. "Looks like somebody turned off the boob tube," Dean snarks. "Good, that means I can use this," Mahoney says, pulling out a gun. Fred, Sam and Castiel appear inside the bank. Fred, having regained control of his powers, makes Mahoney point the gun at himself and pull the trigger. You'd think somebody would suggest that maybe they turn Mahoney over to the police, but then Dean wouldn't be able to say this: "That's all, folks!"

Fred takes a commercial break to survey all the damage his powers have wrought. He's worried he'll lose control again. "You gotta make it stop," he tells them. "There might be a way," Castiel says. "The procedure will be painful, and when it's over I'm not sure how much of you will be left."

The procedure takes place off screen. It seems like it would be easier to heal a man's dementia than strip away his psychokinetic abilities. Perhaps Professor Castiel will explain this one day, along with the workings of Angel Radio. The next time we see Fred, he's back at Sunset Fields, sitting in his wheelchair, smiling at nothing in particular. "Is he okay?" Sam asks. "He's listening to 'Ode to Joy,'" Castiel says. "He's happy." The music is taking place entirely in Fred's mind, where once there was cartoon mayhem. Dean, proud of Castiel's work, offers to let him ride shotgun on the way to their next case. Castiel starts to explain that he won't be going with them --

-- when he suddenly finds himself standing in Naomi's office. She tells him right off the bat that she won't allow him back into Heaven. He pleads with her. "I have been trying to pretend that I can escape what I did in Heaven, but I can't!" He looks like he's very near to crying. Naomi looks vaguely uncomfortable at this display of emotion. "I have to come back to make things right," Castiel goes on. "And you are," Naomi says, "by doing what you're told." She says he's only allowed back in Heaven when she summons him. "Then what should I do?" he asks. She turns the question back around on him: "What do you want to do?" He thinks about this utterly novel concept for a while --

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