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"That's All, Folks!"

-- and then he's suddenly back at Sunset Fields, looking a bit confused. Sam prods him to finish his thought. "I want to stay with Mr. Jones," he finally says. "Someone should watch over him for a few days, just to be safe." He says he knows he can't keep running anymore.

This inspires Sam to have one more flashback to that fateful dinner. By now, everyone's getting along and acting like old friends, which is how you know things are about to go right down the crapper. Stan is in the middle of recounting an embarrassing story from Amelia's childhood when the phone starts ringing. Amelia excuses herself to go answer it, leaving the menfolk to enjoy their beers. Sam notices that Stan opens his beer just like Dean, which to me doesn't look any different from anybody else opening their beers, but whatever. In the next room, Amelia says, "Oh, my God. Are you sure?" She listens to someone on the other end of the line, then walks back into the dining room. She still has the phone in her hand. "It's Don," she says. "He's alive." Sam's face can't quite decide what expression it wants to make. I have to admit, I laughed and laughed on first watching because the dead husband miraculously being alive just so perfectly and awfully completed the bad TV movie feel that has been Sam and Amelia's trademark.

In the present, Sam and Dean say their goodbyes to Castiel, who pulls up a chair to sit beside Fred. We're finally allowed to hear their shared music as Castiel gives Fred a sweet look of contentment. You might even say his look is... beatific. Enjoy the peace while it lasts, because this show being what it is, it won't be long before the soul-killing angst makes a comeback.

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