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"That's All, Folks!"

Dean turns his attention to Castiel. "What's the word, Cass?" he asks. "It's a shortened version of my name," Castiel grumps. I may or may not be projecting my own dislike of the diminutive just a bit. "I mean," Dean begins again, "what's the word on the Word?" Castiel admits he has no idea, because he's tuned out Heaven. He offers to draw the confused boys a diagram of the subsonic frequencies involved, but they decline because they are no fun. Seriously, how great would it be to have a whole scene of Professor Castiel trying to explain the science of Angel Radio while the Winchesters' brains turn to goo? "I don't want anything to do with that place," Castiel says of his former home. Dean thinks about this for a moment and asks, "So, what now? Move to Vermont? Open up a charming B&B?" Is... that an invitation? Because I would watch the hell out of a Dean & Castiel version of Fawlty Towers. Alas, Castiel has other plans: "I'm gonna become a hunter!" He is extremely pleased with himself for coming up with this idea, and beams a big, crinkly smile at the brothers. "I can be your third wheel," he goes on, undeterred when Dean tries to explain to him that's not exactly a good thing. He's picturing some kind of stabilizing, additional wheel, as if the Winchesters are a cohesive bicycle instead of something more like diverging unicycles being piloted by bitter, angry bears.

"I even found a case," Castiel goes on when the brothers continue to be incredulous. He tells them about the guy with the heart in Oklahoma. "Sounds like our kind of thing, right?" Castiel is trying very hard to sound like one of them. Dean is too stunned to react. It's Sam who finally has to admit the angel has a point. "I'll meet you there," Castiel says, intending to flit off angelically. Dean calls him back, telling him if he wants to be a hunter, he has to stick with them. "None of this zapping around crap. Capiche?" Castiel looks like a kid who's just been told he has to eat all his vegetables. "Yeah, I capiche," he pouts. He asks if he can at least ride up front, but Sam has, like, permanent shotgun privileges.

Sadly, we are not privy to what sorts of road trip games may have transpired, because the next scene has us arriving at the morgue in Oklahoma City. A detective fills them in on Gary's case: "Coroner said his heart was ejected from his body. Got some air, too -- found it in a sandbox." She says they suspect an "assload of drugs" was involved. Castiel whispers to Dean that there are no narcotics in Gary's system. (He can see things on a molecular level, apparently.) The detective shows them the heart-shaped hole in Gary's chest. It's fairly small and tidy, considering how much goop exploded out of him and onto his lady friend. It was Olivia who called the police after Gary exploded. As the detective heads out, Dean asks her to call them if she sees anything else weird.

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