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"That's All, Folks!"

Castiel has the sense to wait until the detective is gone before he starts sniffing the corpse. He's not picking up any unusual EMF or traces of sulfur. He leans over to take a few more sniffs. "He did recently suffer from a mild -- what is that? -- bladder infection," he says. "Cass, stop smelling the dead guy," Dean says. Sam, going over Olivia's report, realizes that she and Gary were having an affair. Her account of how they met every Thursday for lunch sounds a little too rehearsed. Dean and Sam think they spent their time at a motel near the park. Castiel listens in befuddlement as the Winchesters pick apart the details of the case and come to the conclusion that Gary's wife probably found out about the affair and decided to get her revenge. "Sounds witchy," Sam says. Dean agrees. "Guy was living a lie and it came back to bite him in the ticker," he says. "But nice job on that bladder infection," he says to Castiel.

For some reason, the words "bladder infection" lead Sam into a flashback about Amelia. There's a hazy, gauzy filter in these scenes that's probably supposed to invoke a dreamlike quality, but looks more like the director thinks he's shooting a White Diamonds commercial. He and Amelia have apparently just moved into their house and Sam is unpacking all her things. He comes across her wedding album. "Amelia and Don Forever," says the cover. The dog, sitting next to him, is avidly paying attention to something or someone behind the camera because even he is already bored with this flashback. Amelia walks into the room before Sam can take a look inside the album. "He said he'd be here by five," she says. Maybe he -- whoever he is -- can't find the house amid all the copious haze. "Deep breath," Sam tells her. "It's gonna be okay." Amelia seems nervous or annoyed. It's hard to tell, because she's kind of always the same. "He's gonna think we're moving too fast," she says. "Are we moving too fast?" Sam takes a deep breath and decides to say, "We're making up for lost time." He bends way, way down to give her a kiss.

A knock comes at the door. "Don't talk politics," Amelia reminds Sam. "Don't say anything bad about the Cowboys, and whatever you do, don't use the words 'moist' or 'irregardless.'" With this warning firmly in place, she throws open the door. There's a 50-something guy in a plaid shirt. "Hi, Dad!" They laugh and hug and he scoops her up off the ground. So, when Sam talked about her having "no one at all," she just, what, forgot about her dad? "So, who's this handsome fella?" her dad asks. Sam smiles goofily, like, "Yay! He thinks I'm handsome!" But, of course, he's talking about the dog, on whom he lavishes lots of cooing and belly rubs while Sam stands around looking awkward. "Stan Thompson, this is Sam Winchester," Amelia says. It seems a bit odd that he'd use his real name, doesn't it? A casual Googling would turn up some very interesting tidbits from his past. Anyway, Stan and Sam shake hands and Stan seems kind of friendly on the surface, but he's also sizing up his daughter's boyfriend. (It takes a while because Sam is 15 feet tall.) Then he starts in with the passive-aggressive critiques, like saying the lawn needs mowing and needling Sam about his motel job. He thinks it's weird that a guy who went to Stanford is a maintenance man. When Amelia goes to fetch them drinks, Sam is left to squirm under Stan's judgmental scrutiny all alone.

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