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"That's All, Folks!"

So his next task is to watch cartoons in the Winchesters' motel room of the week. It's kind of cute that he uses a remote control instead of his mojo. Perhaps that, too, was a condition of his new role as third wheel. "I understand," Castiel says with a chuckle as he clicks off the TV. "The bird represents God and the coyote is Man, endlessly chasing the divine and yet never able to catch him. It's hilarious!" Sam and Dean look at him, but have nothing to say to his analysis.

Instead, they turn to their research. So far, they can't find a connection between the victims and they don't know who or what is responsible. Dean guesses maybe a tulpa or a god who likes cartoons. Meanwhile, Castiel is in the background, inspecting the contents of one brother's luggage. (Castiel has no need for luggage, since he can just magically groom himself.) Dean gives up for the night. "Cass, you gonna book a room or what?" he asks. "No, I'll stay here," Castiel says, as he picks through a bag of toiletries like it's an archaeological dig. "Oh, okay, we'll have a slumber party and braid Sam's hair," Dean snarks. Well, it is a two man job. Castiel offers to watch over Dean while he sleeps, but for some odd reason, Dean doesn't find that thought appealing. Suddenly, Castiel raises a hand to his temple. He may have tuned out Angel Radio, but he can still pick up police band chatter. "A bank has been robbed," he says. He listens a bit more. "It sounds Looney." "Define 'Looney,'" Dean says.

Instead of a definition, we cut to the bank, where a giant anvil rests atop a heap of gooey red innards. "That's Looney, all right," Sam says. In the background, Castiel fiddles with a bank card reader. "Who's the pancake?" Dean asks. The detective tells them it was the security guard. "It looks like the Black Hole was trying to jimmy open the safe when Mr. Rent-a-Cop found him," she says. "Black Hole" is the robber's nickname because of the black circles he paints on the walls of all the banks he hits. The detective thinks it's the criminal's way of signing his work, but Crosby, Stills and Nash know better. Sam heads off with the detective to get files on the robber's other crimes. Dean asks Castiel to lift up the anvil as soon as they have the crime scene to themselves. Castiel's face goes "hmph," but he refrains from pointing out Dean's inconsistencies regarding the use of angelic powers. He upends the anvil with only a slight grunt of effort. Dean sees something peeking out from beneath the security guard's gooey remains. "X marks the spot," he says. "Whoever's doing this is playing by cartoon rules." Dean explains to Castiel about the heart and anvils and so forth, then figures that the thief is using the painted circles like doors to get in and out of the banks. Castiel feels around the circle, but it's solid wall under the paint. Whatever magic the circles may have possessed is gone now.

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