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"That's All, Folks!"

Dean and Castiel return to the motel room to do more research. Castiel goes through John Winchester's old notebook. "Your father had beautiful handwriting," he says. (Perhaps I wrongly attributed John's nice handwriting to Bobby a couple episodes back.) Dean looks over at his friend for a bit. "How you feeling, Cass?" he asks. "Fine," Castiel says, still flipping through the notebook. Dean tries to get him to talk about his post-Purgatory feelings. He suggests he go back to Heaven for answers, but Castiel refuses. Dean keeps pressing him until Castiel angrily cuts him off. "Dean! I said no." If Dean were talking to Sam, this is the point where things would rapidly deteriorate into accusations and pouting and contests to see whose feelings can be hurt the most. But luckily, this isn't a Sam and Dean scene, so Dean sits down across from his friend and says, with gentle concern, "Talk to me."

Castiel responds to this by calming down and confessing his great shame. "I caused a lot of suffering on Earth," he says, "but I devastated Heaven -- I vaporized thousands of my own kind." "I can't go back," he adds. "Because the angels will kill you?" Dean asks. "Because," Castiel says, "if I see what Heaven has become, what I made of it, I'm afraid I might kill myself." Dean looks at Castiel as he finally fully realizes the full expanse of Castiel's guilt. Guilt is something Dean can understand.

Unfortunately, Sam chooses this moment to return from the police station, cutting short their conversation. Castiel is all too eager to get back to work on the case. Dean lingers for a bit, looking sadder than he has for a long time, which is kind of saying something. Sam tells them that the "Black Hole" thief's crimes seem to happen at the same time and near the same place as all the cartoonish deaths. Sam pulls out a map with the locations all circled. He also checked around and found people had reported other craziness: "Like a jogger bumping his head and sprouting a four-inch bump, or a kid walking into a wall and hearing birdies." There seems to be a 50-yard circle of weirdness around the thief that lasts a few minutes. Sam has also learned that the theft victims -- from the safe deposit boxes in the bank to various houses -- all live at the Sunset Fields Retirement Home. "All right, let's gear up," Dean says. "It's wabbit season!" Castiel leans towards him and whispers, "I don't think you pronounced that correctly." Heh.

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