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"That's All, Folks!"

They head on over the retirement home, where Dean acts all creeped out by the presence of old folks, apparently having forgotten he used to be one of them. A guy in a suit and glasses walks up to them and introduces himself as the thief they're looking for. He doesn't, really, but it's plainly obvious to anyone who's watched more than ten minutes of television in their lives that he's the bad guy. He actually introduces himself as Dr. Dwight Mahoney and says he runs the place. Sam and Dean flash their FBI badges while Castiel pats down his own coat pockets and comes up empty. They head off to question the residents. "No flirting, you two," Dean says to Sam and Dean. Castiel looks ever so slightly confused. Perhaps he's wondering if they're not meant to flirt with the residents or with each other.

First up for questioning is a cute little lady with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. She ogles Castiel and sighs, "You are so pretty, Charles." If she's not careful, her heart's going to leap across the table. "That's not my name," Castiel says gently. Dean eyeballs a pretty nurse who walks by. Rosy Cheeks has mistaken Castiel for her third husband. Dean mentions the jewelry and bearer bonds that were stolen from her house recently. The police have already questioned her about it, but she doesn't really remember. "Have you noticed anything strange lately -- cold spots, smells?" Dean asks. "Well, there's the cat," she says. She points to a fluffy orange cat sitting on a couch nearby. "He talks sometimes. Really hates that mouse!" Castiel sets off to interrogate the cat, like, for real. Sadly, we're not privy to this.

Meanwhile, Sam is diving his time between looking at a wall displaying photos of all the residents and looking at a very old gentleman in a wheelchair. The gentleman stares into space, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. He doesn't even notice when a young orderly picks up his food tray. "Creepy, huh?" the orderly says to Sam. "A lot of these people just tune out and live in their own heads. It's like, maybe the real world is too much for them and they just run and hide, you know?" This isn't meant to be an accurate description of dementia or senility so much as it's a way to announce the theme of the episode. To drive the point home, Sam retreats into his own head for a flashback.

"Soup's on!" says Amelia as she brings out dinner for her father and Sam. Peering through the haze, I can just make out a big bowl of dry-looking spaghetti and hot dogs cut into limp, vertical slices. The squashed bank guard looked more appetizing. "You remembered," Stan says with a laugh. Amelia tells Sam about how they always moved around when her dad was in the Army and they would have hot dog spaghetti their first night in a new home. Sam tries to talk about his dad being a Marine, thinking, hey, here's something we can talk safely about. Alas, Stan has a pretty snotty attitude toward jarheads, and an even snottier attitude toward Sam for not being in the service at all. Amelia looks uncomfortable, but neglects to tell her asshole father to shut the hell up. As soon as Amelia leaves the room, Stan starts in on Sam about how he looks like he's "seen a lot of crap he can't forget" and I don't know how he's getting that from Sam's vaguely uncomfortable expressions, but whatever. He thinks Amelia and Sam have latched onto each other out of fear. "After Don, I don't blame her for taking off, needing to run away and hide," he says. "I know why she did it. The question is, what are you running from, Sam?" Sam flares his nostrils and clenches his jaw, but says nothing.

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