Hunteri Heroici

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"That's All, Folks!"

In the present day, Dean joins Sam at the picture display. Since Sam has spent most of his time having flashbacks, he just now realizes that he recognizes one resident's photo. This guy, Fred Jones, was apparently such a good friend of the family that he gave both the boys their first introduction to beer. He's also psychokinetic, which you'd think would have come in handy on a case or two, but of course they've never mentioned the guy. There's no real reason the show had to make this guy be someone they knew except that it's a shortcut to figuring out the case. So off they go to question Fred, after first pulling Castiel away from his feline interrogation. "Dumbass," says the cat as they walk away. To cats, even angels are lesser beings.

They find Fred in his room, staring at cartoons on his TV. He doesn't even look at them when they greet him. Dean turns off the TV, but Fred continues to stare at the empty screen. "You really think this one man is causing all these shenanigans?" Castiel asks. "Well, if he is, he'd be surrounded by a circle of crazy," Dean says. To put the theory to the test, he grabs a book and beans himself. There's a metallic clang and then the chirping of birds. We don't get to see the birds, which is kind of lame. If you're going to show cartoony stuff like anvils and talking cats, you might as well go all the way with the birds. When Castiel is confused as to how Fred is able to do all this, Sam explains that Fred is so powerful that he can "reshape reality," which, again, just makes it seem weird they would never mention him. "Do we kill him?" Castiel wonders. Of course, Dr. Mahoney walks into the room just in time to hear this. "Did he just threaten to murder one of my patients?" Crosby, Stills and Nash have nothing to say for themselves. Next thing you know, the trio gets booted out of the place. Castiel offers to teleport Fred away, but Sam explains Fred is too dangerous for that. Castiel is left behind to watch over Fred invisibly while the Winchesters go maintain their stubble or whatever it is they do when they're not on screen.

Some time later, all the residents have gathered in the common room for Mrs. Rosy Cheek's birthday party. The nurse lights a comically huge candle atop a comically huge cake. At the same time, Fred is off in the corner, watching cartoons on TV. Just as the character on the screen becomes the victim of an exploding candle, Mrs. Rosy Cheeks befalls a similar fate. Pink and red goo spatters violently across the screen.

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