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"That's All, Folks!"

Luckily, Mrs. Rosy Cheeks is totally fine, barring a few frosting stains in her hair. It was just her cake that exploded and not her innards, although we had to wait through a commercial break to learn this. Dean returns to Sunset Fields in his street clothes and gawks at the aftermath. "What the hell happened?" he asks. "There was a pastry mishap," Castiel explains. "The frosting reached near-supersonic speeds." Sam joins them in a panic. He says Fred is gone. Dean chastises Castiel for not keeping a better eye on him. Did Naomi zap him away or something? Because there's no good reason why Castiel wouldn't notice Fred leaving. The pretty nurse wheels Mrs. Rosy Cheeks away from the mess. Or, rather, she tries to, but Mrs. Rosy cheeks calls out to Castiel: "Charles! She's wearing my diamonds!" Castiel grabs the nurse's hand, showing everyone the sparkly bracelet around her wrist. The nurse blurts out that her boyfriend gave it to her.

So off to the boyfriend's apartment they go. They find the place dark and in disarray. Dean spies one of the missing bearer bonds. Sam comes across the boyfriend, lying on the floor next to an upended table. Dean turns on the lights. The boyfriend is the orderly Sam talked to at Sunset Fields. He's clutching a bloody wound in his gut, gasping for breath. Dean motions for Castiel to heal him. Castiel doesn't look like he especially wants to, but does so anyway. The orderly sputters in disbelief. Dean and Sam yank him up off the floor. "Where is Fred Jones?" Dean asks. "He took him," says the orderly. "Dr. Mahoney, that guy is evil, man!" He tells them that Mahoney is using Fred. The orderly was the one who brought Fred's abilities to Mahoney's attention. He and Mahoney decided to use Fred to their advantage. Then the orderly discovered Mahoney's plan to pull one last score, after which he would kill Fred. The orderly threatened to go to the cops and that's when Mahoney shot him.

The Winchesters and Castiel head back to the Impala. "Do you think Mr. Jones knows what's happening?" Castiel asks. "Seems like the dude's living in a dream world," Dean says. This inspires Sam to drift back into the smoggy realm of flashbacks.

As Sam washes dishes, Amelia and her dad argue in the dining room. He wants her to come back home. "You're living in a dream world," he tells her. It's terribly convenient that people in the present day are giving Sam all these cues so he can have his flashbacks in chronological order. Amelia says she likes Sam and she's happy with him, but her dad thinks he's a mess. Sam, of course, overhears everything. "Just give us a chance," Amelia says. So Stan sucks it up and goes into the kitchen to help with the dishes. At this point, I'm wondering if Gabriel has come back to life and is making Sam live out a really awful Lifetime TV movie because these may well be the most boring scenes in the show's history. They're even worse than all the scenes of Sam and Dean just sitting around reading things to each other out of library books. At least then they're reading about monsters and ghosts and not about hot dogs and domestic problems and unpacking and oh my God lawn maintenance! Anyway, to sum of the rest of this scene: Sam and Stan kind of bond over the awesomeness of the Impala.

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