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The Hardy Boys Meet The Antichrist

Out on the farmhouse's walk, Darling Sammy bitches Dashing El Deano out for almost possibly potentially frying his otherwise remarkably healthy ass, and then the two explicitly spell out what we all just learned about Jesse for the benefit of the stupid in the audience. They wave goodbye to the petulant urchin, who's watching them go from the second-floor window, then motor off to figure out what the hell is going on in Western Nebraska.

A bit later, Sam interrupts Dean's research back at this week's motel room to share the following information: Jesse Turner was adopted, and though the urchin's birth records are sealed, Sly Sammy was able to determine that his biological mother is a certain Julia Wright, who now lives in Elk Creek on the opposite end of the state. The boys step outside to climb into the Impala, and Dean steers Metallicar directly into The Jesus Wormhole in order to emerge mere seconds later...

...on the other side of Nebraska, where they hack their way through some wild underbrush in order to reach the porch of a poorly maintained farmhouse that features at least four deadbolts on the front door. The LYING LIARS WHO LIE ring the bell, introduce themselves via the peephole, then oblige the paranoid lunatic inside by passing their fake FBI badges through the mail slot upon her request. Apparently satisfied with the IDs, the paranoid lunatic takes a lengthy period of time to unlock the door, then cracks it open to reveal herself to be a tired-looking thirtysomething with limp bleach-blonde hair and an absolutely tragic sense of fashion. "It's depressing!" Raoul agrees. "[Slurp!] [Skritchy-Skritchy!]" This would be Julia Wright, who at first flat-out denies having ever given birth to anyone when the LYING LIARS press that line of inquiry, but as Darling Sammy will not be deterred, and as he unleashes The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Compassionate Commiseration And Doom, Julia Wright has little choice but to admit she did, indeed, give birth to a baby boy on March 29, 1998, in Omaha. However, when the LYING LIARS next ask if there was anything unusual about the pregnancy, Crazy Julia freaks out and barrels towards the back of her house, with Our Intrepid Heroes hot on her heels. She tries to lock herself in the pantry, but the boys are too fast for her, and they barge in just in time to...get sprinkled with table salt? "You're not demons?" Crazy Julia gasps. "How do you know about demons?" Dean growls.

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