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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

Meanwhile, Castiel quietly fastens his seat belt and grabs the steering wheel from Hael. He drives them into a concrete barrier.

In the hospital room, Dean gets the particulars from Ezekiel. The plan is for Ezekiel to heal Sam while also healing himself. After that, he'll leave. That's what he says now, anyway. Dean thinks and struggles and wrestles with what needs to be done. "Sam will never say yes, not to you," Dean says. "But he would say yes to you," Ezekiel says. That would be all well and good if Dean were the one who planned to possess Sam, but he's not.

Castiel wakens after receiving his second concussion of the day. He's still belted into the passenger seat, but Hael, who didn't obey seat belt laws, has been ejected through the windshield. Castiel finds the sword in the grass and picks it up before approaching Hael, who lies broken and bloody a few feet away. Her legs are... everywhere. "I don't want to hurt you," Castiel tells her. "I didn't want to hurt any of them. I want to help you." He promises to help all the angels, but Hael says the angels don't want his help. They'll come for him. If she can possess him, she can protect him. He starts to walk away from her. "If you leave me in this broken girl, I swear it, Castiel, I will tell them where you are!" He tells her to stop, but she keeps going on about all the awful things the angels will do to him. Couldn't she just leave the girl's body even if she didn't have another vessel lined up? Just go circle the parking lot like the other angels. Or just hang out without a vessel. Didn't Anna do that for several thousand years? "I will go on angel radio and tell them everything," she says. So he skewers her with the angel sword. He looks almost as surprised as she does.

Death and Sam are just about to leave the cabin when Dean appears out of thin air. "I would have brought cronuts, but time is short," Dean says by way of apology to Death. Death generously allows the brothers some time. "What's going on?" Sam asks. "I found a plan," Dean says. Sam, who's been all set to die, is now feeling torn. "It's not his time," Dean says to Death. "That's for Sam to decide," Death says. But... isn't it actually Death's decision? If it were the real Death, that is. Dean reminds Sam of the promise he made in the church, to help him no matter what. "But you gotta let me in," Dean pleads. "There ain't no me if there ain't no you!" Sam looks like he wants to cry. Dean looks like he wants to cry. Death can't believe this weird codependent bullshit these brothers have going on. Sam thinks and thinks, and thinks some more. Then, to Dean: "What do I do?" Dean looks surprised. "Is that a yes?" he asks. "Yes," Sam says. Dean claps a hand on his shoulder, and his face morphs into Ezekiel's face, and Sam's like, "Buh?" Ezekiel glows and the light swallows Sam whole.

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