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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

Now, a brief aside.

If you don't know what you're consenting to, then it's not consent. It's like if someone asks, "Hey, want a Hawaiian Punch?" and you say, "Sure!" and then that person punches you in the face instead of giving you a fruity drink. Except not even that, because at least that could be argued as semantics, right? No, this isn't even consent by the show's very loose definition of the word. Even when Zachariah tried to beat them into submission, at least they knew what they would be agreeing to. If getting someone to accept angel possession was this easy, Zachariah should have just been like, "Hey, Dean, do you like boobies? Yes? HAHA! You're possessed now!" It should take more than the word "yes." It should include intent.

But there's not enough space in all this recap to cover the things this show doesn't understand, so let's get back to the plot.

In the hospital, Ezekiel's former vessel is just waking up in Sam's former bed. He is surrounded by broken glass and weird magical symbols he doesn't understand. "What the hell is going on here?" the doctor asks. "I have no idea," says Ezekiel's former vessel. Hopefully Dean left him enough money for bus fare back home.

What's going on is that Ezekiel is now in Sam, and they're leaving the hospital with Dean. "How's it look in there?" Dean asks. "Not-good-there-is-much-work-to-be-done," Samekiel says. For some reason, Padalecki is acting this like a robot fresh off the factory floor, whereas Tahmoh Penikett's take on Ezekiel made him sound like a serenely wise monk. Samekiel says that Dean can't tell his brother what's happened. Dean thinks that's a pretty big secret to keep. "And-what-will-he-do-if-you-tell-him-he's-possessed-by-an-angel?" Samekiel asks. He says that Sam might eject him if he finds out, and then Sam will die. Dean hangs his head. He really, really hates this, because he's been through similar plots before and remembers how badly they went. Nonetheless, he nods, accepting the need for manufactured conflict. Robo-Angel then promises to erase the hospital business from Sam's memory, which shouldn't be too hard since he was unconscious the whole time.

Castiel wanders into a laundromat in the middle of the night, looking even more lost and forlorn than usual. Also, the blood on his cheek is crazy pink. It's all over his clothes, too, which are now actual clothes and not just extensions of his angelic self. So he strips right down to his pristine white boxers and stuffs everything else into a washing machine. That would be the death of his suit, but he decides, at the last moment, to use his quarters for something else. He looks longingly at a vending machine across the room. He cannot afford to wash his clothes and feed himself. Welcome to the human world of budgeting! A little while later, he walks out of the laundromat wearing stolen clothes. He spent his money on a bottle of water, which he guzzles with lusty appreciation. Perhaps next week he'll learn that one of the benefits of being very good-looking is the ability to walk into any bar and have strangers ply you with free food and beverages.

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