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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

Nighttime on the road. Sam wakes up. "Where are we?" he asks, sounding noticeably less robotic. He notices that Dean seems unusually surprised to see him. "What?" Dean tells him he's been out for a whole day. "What the hell happened?" Sam asks. "What do you remember?" Dean asks. The last thing he remembers are the angels falling, he says. "I knew you'd pull through," Dean says. "I meant what I said at the church. You're capable of anything." Sam shifts uneasily in his seat. Did they remember to take his catheter out? That'd be a hell of a thing to find the first time he went to the bathroom. Dean looks worried and guilty, which is sort of his default setting. Sam says they've got work to do. Job one: look up the definition of consent.

Tippi Blevins has been possessed by a recapping demon. Send holy water to, or chant spells at her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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