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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

At that moment, a man is eating breakfast with his family in a sunny, commercial-ready kitchen. He hears Dean's call for help. At the same time, Tahmoh Penikett gets off a bus somewhere and hears Dean giving out the address for the hospital. "The first one who can help me gets my help in return," Dean goes on, "and you know that ain't nothin'." The breakfast dad gets up and walks away from the table without a word to his confused family. A farmer hops on his tractor and speeds off towards the hospital at 12 mph. "I know we haven't always seen eye to eye," says the mighty voice of Dean, "but you know that I am good for my word." Tahmoh gets back on the bus. Is that bus even going to the right place? A tear falls from Dean's eye and skips down his cheek. It took just under seven minutes for the One Perfect Tear to make an appearance. Welcome back, salty old friend.

In the road trip in Sam's oxygen-deprived head, Dean is giving him a pep talk about dying. Or about not dying, rather. "We've jimmied ourselves out of worse," Head Dean says. "We're gonna fight this. I got the plan – you just gotta hang on." Sam humors him by agreeing, but he doesn't believe him. The car continues tilting at odd angles as they drive. Coupled with the blackness outside the windows, it's like they're in space. "You understand that we're not really in this car right now," Head Dean says. "We are in your head, and you're in a coma and are dying." Sam scoffs and rolls his eyes, but the words are starting to sink in. "How do you know that?" Sam asks. "Because I'm you," Head Dean says. Sam remembers that the whole reason he quit doing the trials was so that he wouldn't die. But then he also remembers that the show is really super in love with the idea of there being Something Wrong With Sammy, and there hasn't been an iteration of that plot since, what, that time his mind broke apart like a cheap taco shell? That was season before last, so we were due…nay, overdue! "We gotta fight this," Head Dean says. "Okay, what's the plan?" Sam asks. Head Dean doesn't have a plan, but he's working on one. This isn't easy, considering he's a figment of Sam's imagination. Sam points this out to him... er, to himself... whatever. Sandra Bullock floats by.

"Am I supposed to be fighting at all?" Sam wonders. "Are you serious?" Head Dean asks. "Hell yes, he's serious," Bobby Fucking Singer says from the back seat. "If you ask me, I think the kid's got a good point." Nobody asked you, Bobby! Writers shouldn't play with dead things! Head Dean gives Head Bobby a WTF? look and keeps driving through outer space.

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