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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

Meanwhile, Castiel finds himself walking down a lonely but scenic road in Longmont, Colorado. He hears the telltale buzzing of his angelic brethren, and amid the buzzing a cacophony of confused murmurs and shouts. The din grows and grows until Castiel winces in pain and grabs his head. In his pain, he narrowly avoids getting run over by an oncoming truck. And by "narrowly avoids," I mean "dives headlong out of the road like a trained stuntman." The driver gets out of his truck and rushes over to check on him. "Hey, buddy! You okay?" Castiel looks down at the road rash on his left hand. "It hurts," he says with wonder. It's not like it's the first time he's felt pain, but maybe it feels different as a human being. "What the hell you doing in the middle of the road like that?" the driver asks. "I heard angels," Castiel says. The driver, perhaps suspecting a massive hangover, offers Castiel some water. Castiel turns him down because he doesn't drink that stuff. He does ask for a phone, but the driver says there's no signal up here in the mountains. "How about a lift?" the driver asks. "Yes, good," Castiel says. "I would fly, but I have no wings, not anymore." He says this with a touch of embarrassment. The driver looks at him like he's just plain touched in the head.

Back to Sammy's increasingly crowded head. "Sam wants to die, and you think he's got a point?" Head Dean splutters. "I don't want to die," Sam reminds his imaginary brother. "I asked if I was supposed to." Head Dean's not having it. He tells Head Bobby to get lost. "Oh and you're welcome for the Hell rescue," he snits. "First of all, you didn't rescue jack, halfwit; Sam did," Head Bobby says. An imaginary version of Benny should pop up right now and smack Sam and Bobby upside the head. Head Bobby then goes on to say that comas suck (duh) but sometimes that's just how things go. He and Head Dean argue about all the crazy things the brothers do to save each other, like that time Dean sold his soul. Acknowledging that the Winchesters are stuck in a loop doesn't really mean anything until they do something about it. Sam shouts at them to be quiet. "I can't hear myself think!" Head Dean kindly doesn't point out that this is Sam thinking. Head Bobby goes off on a hissy fit about how he knows what he's talking about, because he's dead, like the brothers haven't been dead multiple times themselves. So Head Dean counters that he's the one in the front seat because Sam wants to fight. Suddenly, Head Bobby finds himself sandwiched between the two brothers. Head Bobby grabs Sam's shoulder...

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