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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

... and materializes them both in some random forest. "Yip, yip, yip, am I right?" he says. Sam makes awkward faces and says, "Honestly, Bobby, I don't know what's right." They decide to go for a walk in the imaginary woods.

The nice truck driver drops Castiel off at a truck stop and hands him a few dollars and coins. "For the phone, and a sandwich," he says. "It's okay, I don't eat," Castiel says. The driver insists this weird, delusional, possibly anorexic stranger take the money. Castiel, looking a bit embarrassed again, takes the kind offering. A young woman watches the exchange from the back seat of a car parked nearby.

Castiel walks up to a burly biker availing himself of the truck stop's one payphone. "Hang up the phone," Castiel orders him. All these years hanging out with humans and he hasn't learned manners. Or a shred of common sense. The biker lowers the phone and turns to look at Mr. Bossypants. "Excuse me?" He's wearing four rings, all of them with big, silver skulls. "This is an emergency," Castiel says, adding, "I don't wanna hurt you." The biker, who does have manners, returns to his phone call just long enough to say, "Hold on, hon." He then taunts Castiel, inviting him to hurt him. Castiel puts two fingers to the biker's forehead, then frowns quizzically when nothing happens. He tries again, this time with his whole hand. Still nothing happens. He knows he's not an angel anymore, so why would he expect any of his old tricks to still work? The biker brushes Castiel's hand aside. "I'm gonna finish this call, then I'm gonna stab you." Defeated, Castiel walks away.

The young woman from the car approaches him. "I know you," she says. "I don't think so," he grumps, walking past her. "Castiel," she says. He turns toward her. "We met in Heaven. My name is Hael." She's an angel, but she's having an identity crisis without her wings.

A woman walks into Sam's hospital room and smiles at Dean. He nearly vaults out of his chair. "I'm just gonna break the ice," he says, "are you an angel?" She chuckles politely and explains that she's the hospital's grief counselor. Her presence is a bit premature, which Dean points out, but she wants him to talk about Sam's inevitable death. What kind of hospital gives up on someone like a day after they arrive? Maybe whatever fake identity Dean used doesn't have good insurance. She's really kind of pushy about the whole thing. So Dean decides that if the angels aren't going to help him, maybe the King of Hell will.

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