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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

He goes out to the parking garage where Schrödinger's Crowley is still holed up in the Impala's trunk. Dean knocks to get his attention. "Listen up, you sonofabitch. One for yes, two for no: are you alive?" Although we don't see Crowley, I think we can safely assume he is rolling his eyes. He should be a smartass and knock twice, but he knocks only once. Before Dean can open the trunk, Breakfast Dad grabs Dean from behind (fresh!) and holds an angel sword to his throat. It's kind of a dull, dinky sword; maybe it lost some luster in the fall. "You prayed?" Breakfast Dad asks. "Yeah, for help," Dean says. "Yeah, you'll be helping me," Breakfast Dad says. The music goes, "EEEEEEEEEEEE!"

After a break for commercials, Breakfast Dad bends Dean over the Impala's trunk. "If you lie to me, Dean Winchester, I will rip your throat out." Well, gee, if you put it so nicely... "Where is Castiel?" he asks. "Who's asking?" Dean wants to know. Well, pretty much all the angels, it turns out. They're kind of pissed about being booted out of Heaven. Dean refuses to blab, so Breakfast Dad starts bashing Dean's face into the Impala. He's ruining two beautiful things at once! He moves to stab Dean, but Tahmoh Penikett shows up just in time and stays his hand. "Easy, brother," he says. "This young man has prayed for our assistance. Are we creatures of wrath, or compassion?" Hahaha! Haha! Oh, you. "Forgive me, brother, I don't recognize you," Breakfast Dad says. "Happy to make your re-acquaintance, after you disarm," Tahmoh angel says. Breakfast Dad lowers his weapon, and then punches Tahmoh angel in the face. Why does he want to hurt beautiful things?! And then why does he just stand there afterward? "Come now," Tahmoh angel tut-tuts him, "is that any way to treat a brother injured in the fall?" Fisticuffs ensue! Breakfast Dad drops his sword during the scrap, so Dean picks it up and stabs him from behind. Hope those kids enjoyed that last breakfast with their dad. "Who are you?" Dean asks the surviving angel, who's kind of looking rough after that fight. "Never mind about me," he says. "You're Dean Winchester. I heard your prayer, and I am here to help." With that, his eyes roll up in his head and he drops to the ground, unconscious. Dean has that effect on people sometimes.

Castiel and Hael chat outside the truck stop. "It was a normal day, and then just... dark," she says. "And then I was just falling." When she asks him how such a thing could happen, he pretends he doesn't know. She looks him over and notices something. "Your grace is gone," she says. "I can still hear angel radio," he says. They really couldn't come up with a better name for that? "Then you've heard them," she says. "Our brothers and sisters, many still are circling for vessels..." They're like cars in a crowded parking lot, waiting for a space to open up. He tells her there's nothing to be afraid of, but she's pining for the purpose and order of Heaven. Apparently she's not super observant, because hasn't that place been pure chaos for a while now? On a side note, are they using straight up terracotta dust on Misha Collins? He is verging on pure orange.

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