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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

Anyway, Castiel tries to talk up life here on Earth. The angels can do what they'd like now. "If you could do anything, what would it be?" he asks. She furrows her brow and thinks. She thinks some more. And then: "There's a place... I built it when I was last here, many years ago... a grand canyon." Castiel leaps to his feet and jabs an accusatory finger in her direction, shouting, "You cannot fool me! Erosion built the Grand Canyon! Don't take credit for things you didn't do!" Or maybe he just humors her with a smile and agrees to take her to see the Grand Canyon while I roll around in abject agony.

Meanwhile, Dean has set a ring of holy oil on fire around his unconscious angel friend. "You wanna help? Start with a name," he says when the angel wakes up. Weren't they almost out of holy oil before? Also, they appear to have moved to a loading bay, out of sight. "Ezekiel," the angel finally says. "Okay, Ezekiel, how do I know you're not hunting me or Castiel like the other angels?" Dean asks. "Oh, I'm sure there are many angels who are," Ezekiel says. Yeah, that's kind of what Dean just said, buddy. "Many more are on their way here, most likely," he goes on. Dean looks surprised, like what did he think would happen? Ezekiel says that he and some other angels believe in Castiel and Dean. Dean thinks it over. "You said you were hurt in the fall," he says. "What strength I have left, I offer to you," Ezekiel says. They make intense faces in the firelight. It's... intense.

But let's go back to Sam and Bobby's leisurely stroll through the woods. "I wanna fight, I do, but I feel like..." Sam sighs, unable to finish. "Like you got nothing to swing at?" Head Bobby asks. He advises Sam to stop fighting. Head Bobby goes on about Sam's legacy, and his sacrifices, and how he's saved the world. Sam's subconscious isn't terribly modest, is it?

Freed from the ring of fire, Ezekiel lays a hand against Sam's chest. "Are you still able to cure things after the fall?" Dean asks. "Yes, I should, but he's so weak," Ezekiel says. He concentrates on Sam's chest.

While he's doing that, Dean finally gets a call from Castiel, which he takes in the privacy of the hallway. Castiel explains about how Metatron tricked him. Dean's like, yeah, yeah, one problem at a time. He tells Castiel that Sam is dying. "Have you heard my prayers? I've been praying to you all night." Castiel, embarrassed again, says Metatron took his grace. Dean starts to freak out, but Castiel tells him not to worry. Dean tells him about Ezekiel, whom Castiel remembers as a good soldier. "He should be able to help until I get there," he says. "That's not an option," Dean says. He says a bunch of pissed-off angels are looking for him, and tells him to get to the Lair o' Letters. Like, right away. Castiel says he wants to help his new angel friend, but Dean is insistent. "Helping angels is what got you in trouble in the first place," he reminds Castiel. "I'm begging you, for once, look out for yourself." Castiel keeps saying he's fine, but then he hears an angry rumbling coming from the other end of the line. It's not Dean's growly voice, but an entourage of angels descending upon the hospital. He tells Castiel one last time to get to the LOL.

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