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The Hardy Boys Don't Understand Consent

Dean gets back to Ezekiel, who thinks they should move Sam. Where could they possibly move him? It's not like Ezekiel can't teleport anymore. (Or maybe he can, but he just prefers the bus.) Dean's main concern is that Sam is too weak to be moved. He grabs some markers and starts drawing angel-proofing sigils all over the walls.

Hael has just gotten the bad news that she won't be going on any mule rides with Castiel. "My friend needs my help," Castiel says. "I need your help," Hael says. He apologizes, but Dean will always win out over any angel. As he turns to go, Hael picks up a piece of wood and bashes him across the head. Oh Hael no she didn't! Castiel falls to the ground, having acquired his first concussion after, what, and a whole hour of life as a human? He's really racking up the experiences.

Dean finishes up the last of the sigils and then goes out to do his thang. As glass windows shatter around him, he pulls the fire alarm and shouts for everyone to get the hell out.

Castiel wakes up to one nasty headache and realizes he's in a car with Hael at the wheel. He touches the back of his head and his hand comes away bloody. He seems markedly less pleased about this experience with pain than he did the previous one. He notices the angel sword lying across Hael's lap. "You understand that I couldn't just let you leave," she says. "I'd be lost without you, Castiel." She looks a little flushed and sweaty. "It's the least I could ask of you, considering this is all your fault," she says. He doesn't answer, but the look of guilt gives her all the confirmation she needs. She still plans on taking him to the Grand Canyon and dishing about humans. "We're going to become more than just friends," she says. "We're going to become one." He realizes this means she wants to possess him. Like, in the "taking over his vessel" sense and not in the "clingy girlfriend" sense. She pulls the neck of her dress to one side, showing him that her current vessel is already decaying.

In the hospital, Dean is helping the last of the stragglers to safety. One of them is the pushy grief counselor. He tries to shield her from that farmer angel who's just showed up, but a newly possessed Ms. Pushypants suddenly grabs Dean by the throat and lifts him off his feet.

But back to Sam for a bit. Head Bobby has just led him to a small cabin. Is it Rufus's cabin? It seems woodsier. "There it is," Head Bobby says. "Everything you need to help you on your way." He says a tearful goodbye to Sam, just as Head Dean pops up and stabs him in the back. Head Bobby fades out of the scene. Sam about poops himself with rage. "Dean! Are you insane?" Head Dean points out that Bobby was the part of him that wants to die. "I know it stings, but he had to go," he says. He could maybe also point out that Sam's the one who brought Dean back to kill Bobby, but whatever. Sam advances on Head Dean. "You have to go! When are you gonna realize it's over?" Sam is angry that Dean doesn't have a plan yet, but which Dean is he angry at, here? Head Dean starts beating the snot out of him. "My plan is to fight! My plan is to try!" He grabs Sam by his jacket and gives him a shake. "You're telling me there's nothing to hope for?" Head Dean asks. "No, I'm telling you there is," Sam, says, pointing to the cabin. Whatever he needs is supposed to be in there. "I can't help you if you ain't willing to fight for yourself," Head Dean says. "I know," Sam says, calmly removing Head Dean's hands from his jacket. "It's okay," he says. He pants Head Dean on the cheek and watches as he fades away. He takes a few, halting steps towards the cabin...

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