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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

As Castiel heads off into the library to find a spare burrito, Ezekiel takes over Sam's bod once more. "Castiel cannot stay here," Samekiel whispers. "He will bring the angels down on all of us." Dean points out that Castiel has the tattoo. Samekiel points out that April was still able to find him. Dean points out that was just a dumb plot point they shouldn't have to worry about with better writers in charge. Well, he says it in my head, anyway. "This is Cass, who vouched for you," Dean says. Zeke must be getting pretty cozy inside Sam, because he's making a very Sam-like bitch face right now. "Bartholomew is massing a force," Samekiel says. "We cannot stand... an incursion." We cannot stand... weird line readings. "Castiel is in danger, and if he is here, then I am in danger," Samekiel says. Dean wants to know just who's posing this danger, but Samekiel declines to say. Instead, he threatens to abandon Sam's still-injured body if Castiel stays.

Unaware of his fate, Castiel is enjoying the hell out of that burrito in the library. Man, if he found passing gas a chore before, wait until that burrito works its way through his system. "Cass, can we talk?" Dean asks. "Of course! Dean, you know I always appreciate our talks, our time together," Castiel says. Dean sits down on the edge of the table, starts off by saying "listen buddy," like he's about to tell a kid their dog didn't make it through the operation. "You can't stay," he says. Castiel, wearing a tee and hoodie, even looks kind of like a kid. He stares up at Dean, confused and devastated. He's so epically sad that not even the show's regular sad music was enough to underscore it. No, they had to bust out some weird harpsichord notes or something. That's what it sounds like when former angels cry! The episode ends on his face just looking completely pitiful. Is this evidence that Ezekiel is up to no good? Or is it just a sign that the show doesn't know what to do with Castiel as a regular character and needed him gone? Sound off in the comments below.

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