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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

The residents get to work around the church, which looks quite a bit nicer than the shelter portion of the operation. Some of the men mow the lawn while others rake up leaves. Castiel's job is to pick up trash. While he's spearing a piece of paper, he notices a spot of blood on the ground. He follows a trail of blood droplets to the garden and finds those two priests skewered onto iron gate posts like bits of kebab meat. Their eyes have been burned clean out of their sockets – a direct result of gazing upon angels in their true form. Castiel gives them a worried look. Perhaps he's wondering why nobody noticed these dead priests hanging there, out in the open. Also, what kind of lazy angels were these? They were looking for Castiel, but stopped at the priests? He was right there. All they had to do was look inside! Never mind that: Supernatural has wings!

At the Lair O' Letters, Dean patters into the hub wearing his comfy robe and pours himself some coffee from a snazzy little vintage urn. He looks a little confused. Maybe he's wondering who went to all the trouble of making coffee and then putting it in a nice urn. "Sam!" he growls. I once had an editor who told me not to use "growl" for dialog that didn't have any "r" words. "You can't growl a word that doesn't have an r," he said. He obviously never heard Dean Winchester speak, because that guy could make a growl out of a butterfly fart. "You here?" he also growls.

Sam walks in from outside, bearing a little styrofoam container. "Morning!" he calls out from the gallery. "You've been outside already?" Dean asks, his confusion growing. Sam is the picture of glowing health, if you overlook the hair. He says he's been out for a run, then stopped off to get Dean some greasy breakfast. Dean's so into the breakfast thing that it takes him a moment to realize what all Sam has said. "Wait, you went running?" he asks. "Why do you look so worried?" Sam asks. "Well, let's see," Dean starts, "there's Cass, who I told to haul ass here – that was days ago; there's you." He thinks Sam should take it easy after going through the trials, and all. Sam chuckles, then suddenly sits up straight like someone just goosed him. His eyes flash blue. "He does feel better," Samekiel assures Dean. "A work in progress, of course, but I am slowly healing him." And upgrading his cybernetic processor, to boot!

Dean tries to crack a smile, but his cheek just sort of spasms from the effort. It's still too weird to talk to Ezekiel in Sam's body. He starts to say something, maybe about how Zeke probably shouldn't pop in and out like that, but he's cut off. "I have news," Samekiel says. "I have picked up chatter among the angels. Not all are wandering around in confusion." Dean says, "Yeah, some of them are after Cass." Samekiel tells Dean about the angels organizing and finding human vessels, and it's their leader who wants Castiel. He says it isn't Naomi, but doesn't offer the name of the mysterious new boss. "You see, Dean, I can be useful," Samekiel says. I can't tell if he looks sly while saying this, or if his facial program has a glitch. Dean would rather have Sam's help, though, so Ezekiel blinks out.

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