I’m No Angel

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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

A young lady politely interrupts their meeting. "Sir, I'm ready," she says. "Let me be a vessel for the divine." She looks like barely more than a teenager, her cheeks flushed pink as if excited for her first date. "I give myself over to you," she says. "Hallelujah," sighs Buddy. Bart raises his hands, and a bright light pours in through the stained glass windows. That light funnels into the young lady while Buddy watches, joyful and amazed. This seems to be the first one of these he's witnessed. The young lady seems pretty happy until her eyes and nose begin to bleed. Bart looks a little embarrassed, but not surprised, when the young lady explodes with such bloody force that it flings Buddy into his bookshelves. "Bart! What the hell!" Bart dabs bits of viscera off his suit with a hanky as casually as he would clean off a stray bit of barbecue sauce. "Buddy, the simple truth is not all who are willing are designed to contain Heaven's grace," he says. "We have to expect a casualty now and then." You'd think that the angel, once inside the vessel, would vamoose at the first sign of bleeding eyes, but no! Buddy looks horrified, but accepts this sort of gory mess as a necessary sacrifice.

Back at the LOL, Dean has gathered up compasses and rulers and honest-to-goodness paper maps. He's drawn circles with Longmont, Colorado as the center. "Each circle is how far he might have gotten one, two, and three days out," he explains. Sam fiddles at the computer and pulls up a police report from Longmont. "Cops said it was like the girl was blasted from the inside out," he says. That would be Oh, Hael No!, the clingy angel who wanted Castiel's fine bod for her own. "[The angels] might have just missed Cass, unless they got him," Dean says. Sam returns to his computer search and comes up with the dead priests from St. Anne's. Turns out they were killed in Iowa, which is within Dean's second-day circle. Also, did Metatron also take Castiel's sense of direction when he took his grace? Kansas is the next state over from Colorado, for crying out loud! It's a totally straight shot east from Longmont to Lebanon. All Castiel had to do was be like, "Oh, hey, there's the sunrise! I'll head that way!" Or, even better, just pick up the damned phone again. But then there would have been no reason for him to be missing in the last episode, or for the Winchesters to have to go looking for him in this episode. Anyway, Dean worries that the angels tortured the priests for information. "If they get to him before we do..." He trails off and lets us imagine the worst for ourselves.

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