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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

After fleeing St. Anne's, Castiel has found himself camped out under a bridge with an assortment of other hobos. One kindly vagrant has given him a can of something to eat. "I was so hungry," Castiel says. The last thing he ate was toothpaste, after all. "You know, I'm finding that often people with the least to give are the most generous." His new friend smiles at him and eats from his own can. "You're new at this, aren't you?" he asks. What gave him away? The relatively clean clothes? The stylish haircut? Castiel nods thoughtfully. "Food, sleeping, passing gas... It's all very strange." His friend doesn't react to that, but does quirk an eyebrow when Castiel waxes existential about the inevitability of death. "Well, I better try falling asleep," Castiel says. "Try counting sheep," his friend suggests. He makes his way to an abandoned bus and settles into one of the remaining seats. He rolls up his hoodie to use as a pillow, then looks around curiously. "What sheep?"

Some time later, he becomes aware of somebody watching him. Even though he's mostly human, he seems to have some lingering connection to the angels. A faint buzzing can be heard under the soundtrack, like a low-level version of the deafening noise that heralds an angel's arrival. Castiel gets up and stalks down the aisle, sliding his blade from inside his sleeve into his hand. He peers outside the bus; nobody's there. When he turns around, the pharmacist is standing behind him. Without preamble, the pharmacist slashes Castiel's arm with an angel blade of his own. "You're human?" the pharmacist gawks. He's so distracted by this that he has no time to defend himself when Castiel stabs him.

The next morning, we drop in on Sam and Dean, already in mid-investigation at St. Anne's. Dean has sought out Castiel's urinal friend. "Yeah, I think I know this guy you're talking about," the friend says. "Sounds like Clarence!" It's left up to our imagination how Dean might have described him. About yea tall, ridiculously blue eyes, seems kind of like an alien that only just landed on the planet? Strangely, the alias doesn't ring any bells for Dean. "He left the day the bodies were found?" he asks. The friend confirms it, then goes on: "Oh, man, those poor guys were a mess... but at least now they're with the angels." That sounds like a terrible fate to Dean. Unfortunately, "Clarence" didn't leave any clues as to where he might be headed next.

Dean returns to the Impala, to fill Sam in. "He's definitely been here," he says. "Good news is, he's getting cagey. He's using a fake name: Clarence." Sam chuckles and remembers that's what Meg used to call him. "Of course, he doesn't get that that's the name of a pretty famous angel," he says. Dean helpfully steps into the role of Oblivious Idiot so that Sam has to exposit to the audience about that name. They move on to news of the pharmacist's death, which happened in Indiana. Does Castiel just not know where Kansas is, and now that he's a human man he can't bring himself to ask anyone?

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