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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

Nonetheless, he's managed to find his way to a Chinatown in some city, in some state... who knows where? He wanders the street, looking longingly at food vendors on the corner, but he can't afford to spend his meager money. Instead, he heads into a nearby tattoo shop and shows a scrap of paper to one of the artists. He lifts up his shirt to show her where he wants the ink. She studies his tummy carefully, then agrees to do the job. Now, many people online have pointed out that there's no way Castiel could have enough money for a tattoo, but it's entirely possible this nice lady is giving him a deep discount just because the canvas is so pretty. Plus, thanks for showing off a little butt cleavage there, Cass.

Bart has appeared to taken over Buddy's office as his own. He's pondering the stained glass when the lady from the opening scene comes in with a report. "Reverend Boyle's influence is astonishing," she says. She looks kind of like Cobie Smulders with a Hilary Clinton haircut. "I'll never understand these people," Bart smirks. "Our fallen brothers and sisters are finding vessels faster than we'd hoped," the underling says. The plan is to get a bunch of new vessels and then find Castiel, which they wouldn't have had to do if the lady underling here hadn't done kind of a shitty job at St. Anne's. Another underling – this one a dude – comes in with a report of his own. "One of our operatives managed to find Castiel, but Castiel was somehow able to kill him." Bart looks like he's about to start spitting with rage. Lady underling sees an opportunity to make excuses for her failed attempt: "He's a madman, sir, and very dangerous!" The "see? see?!" is clearly implied. But Bart doesn't care for her excuses. "You will find this 'madman' and you will destroy him. Do you understand?" Dude underling looks embarrassed and says, "That... may not be possible." He explains they can no longer track Castiel, who appears to have warded himself against the angels. Do angels have blood pressure? Because it looks like Bart's just went up about 100 points.

After his tattoo session, Castiel finds himself wandering around Chinatown, distracted by all the noise and the food smells and the jiggling boobs that never even used to ping his radar. He looks across the street at a supermarket that might as well be Heaven, as inaccessible as it is to him in his current state. He looks lost and small and human.

He finds quiet sanctuary in a church and slides into a pew to sit a spell. The church is empty except for one other visitor, a woman who prays a few rows in front of him. "Please, Lord, Mike is such a good man," she says, clutching her rosary beads. "Please send your angels to heal him." She crosses herself, then gets up to leave. Castiel stops her. "Mike is your husband?" he asks. She nods and says, "He's very sick." Humans are very fragile, Castiel realizes. They talk about faith and prayer. "What if you were to find out that no one is listening?" he asks. "That God had pretty much left... that Heaven had gone out of business? What would you do?" She looks at him like he's speaking a foreign language. It takes her a moment to parse what he's saying. "But, that's not possible," she says. Castiel knows otherwise, but she can't be convinced. This is faith, but Castiel lost his a long time ago.

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