I’m No Angel

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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

Bart meets with a man who looks like he's going as Jean Reno to a Halloween party. "My kind always gets what we're looking for," Reno-lite says. "Yes, Reapers," Bart says, in case we wouldn't have been able to pick up on this fact on our own. They talk about how a few Reapers are willing to freelance for a price, but don't discuss why this is or what that price might be. "How do I start looking for this Castiel?" asks the Reaper. "I got one word for ya," Bart says. That word: "Winchester."

Once again assuming their roles as the FBI's most gorgeous, Sam and Dean finagle their way into the police department that's investigating the pharmacist's death. Some detective hands over all the dead guy's stuff and then doesn't stick around to make sure the handsome agents don't contaminate any of the evidence. If people weren't so terrible at their jobs, the Winchesters would never get anything done. They paw through everything until they come to the pharmacist's phone, then play back one of Buddy Boyle's podcasts. "Angels can't possess a human without permission, right?" Sam asks. "Yup," Dean says, looking noticeably uncomfortable. Sam figures the angels must be using Boyle to find vessels. Why don't the angels just trick people into letting them in? We know it works and it's so much quicker! Sam checks online and finds out that Boyle's audience is worldwide. As they get up to leave, Reno Reaper follows after them.

Meanwhile, Castiel's hunger has driven him to digging through trash bins in an alleyway. He scrounges through wilted lettuce and comes up with a fairly clean pickle. He drops it when he notices a woman watching him. "I'm not stealing," he says. "And I'm not a cop," she says. She reaches into her purse and offers him her peanut butter sandwich. This would be a hell of a time for Castiel to find out his human body is deathly allergic to peanuts. She puts the sandwich into his hands, saying, "I've gone through hard times, too." She disappears through one of the back doors in the alley. Castiel looks at her like he's just seen an angel. And not the usual asshole kind of angel, either.

The Winchesters have made their way to the bridge that Castiel called home for a night. Even though they've returned to their street clothes, they're finding it hard to convince the homeless population that they're not cops. Like, the one time they're not pretending to be cops is the one time they seem like legit lawmen. Finally, Castiel's friend with the canned meal steps forward and says he might know who they're looking for. Just to be sure, Dean describes him: "Dark hair, blue eyes, a little out of it." Talks like he gargled with industrial-strength abrasives. The friend looks a little blank. "He might have called himself Clarence," Sam adds. "Clarence, yeah!" the friend says, the light going on. He says he saw "Clarence" getting on a Detroit branded truck.

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