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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

Castiel has spent his whole day in that alley, and because it wasn't sad enough that he was eating garbage pickles, it's now also raining as he huddles against a wall for shelter. The nice lady who gave him a sandwich leaves work for the night and notices him shivering there like a wet dog. She gives him this amused look like, "Oh, you."

Next thing you know, she's shepherding him into her apartment. Now, at this point in the episode, I couldn't decide if she was going to turn out to be evil or just really naïve. I mean, yes, Castiel is obviously very good-looking, but no woman with any sense picks up a guy from a filthy alley. She has to be evil, right? There has to be some plan in motion. But then I remembered this is the same writing team that gave us Portia, the woman who had a master and was also sometimes a dog. Women aren't exactly their strong suit. But back to this episode, in which Castiel is looking at this lady's apartment like it's a resort hotel. "Just so you know, I don't usually bring home strange men," she says as she hurries to straighten things up a bit. "Am I strange?" he asks. Also, do you have any toothpaste to eat? She explains what she meant, then introduces herself: "April, by the way." He tells her his real name as he peels out of his wet jacket. That's when she notices the bloody gash on his arm. "Uh, not to raise any red flags, but did you know your shirt's soaked in blood?" she asks. He makes a face that, if you didn't know him, might read as "I'm gonna have to kill you now, but very regretfully."

Reno Reaper follows Sam and Dean as they leave a convenience store, where they've just stopped off to pick up some pie. Ugh. Convenience store pie. They talk over their plan for Detroit, which involves hitting the homeless shelters and soup kitchens. The Reaper loses track of the Winchesters as they turn down a dark alley. While he's standing around being dumbfounded, the brothers grab him from the shadows and pin him against a fence. "Why are you trailing us?" Dean demands to know. And why are you doing such an awful job of it? Also, if Sam and Dean knew they were being followed, why did they keep blabbing about Detroit?

April cleans up Castiel's wound and asks, "What happened to the guy who attacked you?" Castiel looks a bit sheepish as he explains. "I stabbed him... He exploded." She laughs like it's not a totally creepy thing to hear from someone you just met bleeding in an alley. They talk about Castiel being on the run and trusting the wrong person, which she somehow manages to transition into a discussion about how tense his muscles are. She rubs his bare shoulder and kisses him on the cheek. This soon evolves into kissing on the mouth, which surprises Castiel at first, but he seems to figure things out soon enough. As the camera pans up to the rain-streaked window, a manly groan can be heard.

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