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The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Handsome Hobo

It's not Castiel reaching his, um, full potential a bit early, but the sound of the Reaper being tortured by the Winchesters. They've got him chained up in some nearby and conveniently deserted warehouse. Dean slashes at his torso with the angel blade. Light seeps out along with blood. The familiar "angel buzz" sounds with each cut. On the one hand, they seem to be saying that Reapers are related to angels somehow, but they're not affected by warding tattoos. I don't even know why I'm trying to make sense of any of this. "So, Maurice," Dean starts. "Bounty hunters are like Delta Force Reapers; why would they sic you on Cass?" Maurice explains about the warding. The angels couldn't find Castiel on their own. Dean thinks Naomi is responsible, but Maurice says she's dead. Her heretofore-unseen "protégé" Bartholomew is in charge now. Once they've gotten everything they can out of Maurice, Dean stabs him in the throat. He looks like one stone-cold mutha when he does it, too. Sam looks a little squeamish.

At some point after the kissing started, April and Castiel cooled things off long enough to light approximately one thousand candles all around her apartment. Then they hopped into bed and totally did it, and we rejoin them as they bask in post-coital bliss. "So, that was okay?" she asks. "Very much so," he reassures her. His look of happiness falters a bit and he begins to feel a bit shy. "Um... what I did, that was correct?" he asks. "Very much so," she reassures him. They laugh and cuddle, then she gets up on one elbow to look at him. "What you were talking about before, it seems like taking on a heavy load for such a sweet guy," she says. "I've done a lot of foolish, unwise things," he says. "I'm no angel." She prods gently for more information, wondering if the person he trusted might be able to help him out. Castiel says they're not in touch anymore. They decide to have another roll in the hay, because there's no sense in letting all that candlelight goes to waste.

The next morning, he wakes to find April slicing grapefruit in the kitchen, which seems a lot more ominous than it should. She's also cleaned and mended all his clothes. That's not at all over-invested for a one-night stand! He notices that something is missing from his belongings... "You mean this?" she asks, wheeling around on him with the angel blade in hand. She presses the tip to his throat and scoffs at his look of utter disbelief. Dean inadvertently placed a cursed on Castiel the first time he called him family; even an honorary Winchester should know that sleeping with women has dire consequences.

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