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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future
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THEN: Mary Winchester kisses baby Sam goodnight while John, holding Dean tight, wishes him sweet dreams. Lights flicker. Bent on inciting the Dean Girls, Azazel (a.k.a. Yellow Eyed Demon, a.k.a. YED) hiss-pers, "Sammmmmmmy, you're my favorite," opens a vein and drips the blood of the mytharc into the littlest Winchester's mouth, which may explain grown-up Sam's disturbing lack of appetite. Speaking of grown-up Sam, he watches the scene under YED's power. His voice betrays his fear and disgust. "Does this mean I have demon blood in me?" Mary Winchester flies to the nursery, "It's you!" We see John dozing in front of the TV. Mary's scream wakes him. She's thrown against the wall by YED's power. John rushes to her to find her pinned to the ceiling, in flames. Bye bye, Miss American Pie. Metallicar (a.k.a. Baby, a.k.a. mine) speeds down the road. John Winchester says, "Look, our whole lives have been searching for this demon." You need another verb there, John. I'm thinking spent, and really, it's just the boys' whole lives. You served in the military. You ran your own business. You married your sweetheart. You had two sons. You had a life. Granted, the love of it was ripped from you, but from then on in, you chose your path. Your sons? That's a different story. And your responsibility.

Just in case a new viewer stumbles upon this show in the third episode of its fourth season, Sam says, "That thing killed Jess! That thing killed Mom." Like anyone but us even knows The CW exists. Mary addresses her grown up spawn. "Sam, I'm sorry." Sam says, "For what?" Had he let her finish, I'm pretty sure she'd have told him that she's sorry he doesn't wear his hair that short all the time. Dean asks his dreamy new stalker who he is. "Castiel. I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition." That never gets old. Dean asks his dreamy new stalker what he is. "I'm an angel of the Lord," and we have lift-off, or at least wings. Okay, shadows of wings. Shhhhh. Over shots of the Colt, John narrates that Samuel Colt made a special gun that can kill anything. A bloodied but unbroken Dean kills YED. Yay! Dean asks Castiel why an angel would rescue him from Hell. I say, "Why wouldn't he?" Castiel says, "Because God commanded it; because we have work for you." That never gets old, either.

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