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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

Nighttime. Dean is in the yellow Possible-Pinto of Anachronism, on his way to Colorado and the Colt, when Castiel appears. It's a good thing they're not in Metallicar, because Castiel doesn't yet know the rules. Dean is startled, so he cracks a joke to cover it. "So, God is my co-pilot. Is that it?" Castiel doesn't respond. He seems to be trying to take it all in, to understand Dean. Dean wants to know why Castiel didn't send Sam back with him, but Castiel just says Dean had to do it alone. Dean is convinced Sam is 'tearing up the future' looking for him, but Castiel says he's not. Dean wants assurance that if he does this the family curse will be broken, his parents will have a long happy life, and he and Sam will grow up normally, 'playing Little League and chasing tail'. Castiel reminds Dean that if Mary doesn't die, John, Dean and Sam, don't become hunters and all the people they saved will die. Dean understands. Castiel says, "And you don't care?" He's not judging Dean, though. He is not human, knows this, and knows he doesn't understand Dean's emotions. Oh my. Castiel is...Mr. Spock, but hot. Dean cares desperately; he just cannot let his own parents die again. He turns to explain more to Castiel, but Scotty's already beamed him up.

Elkins' lodge in Colorado. Dean retrieves the Colt from an ancient safe. Daniel Elkins cocks his shotgun, which is trained on Dean and tells him to drop the gun and be on his way. Dean rises, makes like he's going to lay the Colt atop the safe, then aims at Elkins. He explains his predicament back in Kansas. Elkins is not receptive to the idea of letting the Colt leave the premises, but Dean's insistence on taking it to save his family, or die trying gets through to him. Dean tells him the Colt will be with hunters in Lawrence -- the Campbells -- and takes his leave. Sheesh, Daniel. Gullible much? It's a wonder some vampire or other beastie didn't come up with that story and get the Colt from you long before now.

Back in Lawrence, Mary and her father clean their weapons, as Samuel tells her that Dean's off to kill a demon. Mary laughs that you can't kill demons, until she finds out the demon will be at the Walsh's in Haleyville. Liddy is a friend of hers and she insists that they help. Just as Deanna enters the room, Mary takes off, telling her father she'll see him in the car. He turns to his wife. "First she wants to hunt -- she doesn't want to hunt. Is this some female time of month thing?" Deanna says, "No, this is, you asshat," and blows his fool brains out, or maybe she just walks back into the kitchen, rolling her eyes in disgust. Samuel doesn't get what he's done to piss her off, so she kills him again, or just ignores him and heads for her secret stash of chocolate.

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