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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

Mary runs outside to John's waiting arms and reminds him he promised to take her away. He remembers, of course. She tells him to do it now. Deeply concerned, he watches her get into the car, and shuts the door behind her. If they've got to leave town, he's so grateful he didn't buy that ugly-ass VW Bus. Beige! What was she thinking?

Inside, Dean pleads his case to Samuel. He's not making this up. He knew about the Colt. He knew about the YED and where it would be. Samuel says, "Every bone in my body is aching to put you six feet under." Under a mountain of candy, and an ocean of hugs? Is that what you mean, Grandpa? "But, there's something about you -- I can't shake it. Now I may be crazier than you, son, but I believe you." Dean's eyes fill with tears of gratitude and he thanks him. He says John's journal is how they'll find the YED. Samuel checks that Dean has the Colt, and Dean puts it on the table beside him, as the audience screams, "Did Hell burn every lick of sense out of you, boy?" As Dean studies the journal, Grandpa's eyes dart to and from the journal. He pauses and says, "Here, let me see it." Dean looks up and starts to wake up, too. He slides the Colt a little further away and apologizes that he doesn't let anyone hold it. Samuel tries the "I'm your grandfather," bit, but Dean says it's nothing personal. Samuel says, "Sure it is. Especially when it's me you're trying to kill" and his eyes flash yellow. He raises a hand to mojo Dean across the room. Dean's quick, and grabs the Colt, but not quick enough to hold onto it. It falls to the floor as he and his chair sail backwards, clear across the dining room and into the adjoining living room. He's lucky Dean is (basically) an adult. If Grandpa YED did that to my kids, he'd be there all night. "Do it again, Grampy. Do it again!" until, in desperation, he turned the Colt on himself. Dean and chair crash into the wall and books fall from the shelves above him. YED gives him an evil glare, but Dean returns it with every ounce of hate he can muster, and it's anyone's game.

YED's a scary one, but there was just a commercial for a remastered DVD of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty so I just want to give Maleficent her due, because she's the scariest villain of all time; live action or animated. Now you shall deal with me, O Prince, and all the powers of HELL! She turns into a scarier dragon than...others who shall remain nameless, and whose calls I shall no longer accept unless they learn the errors of their ways, too.

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