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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

NOW: Dean's sleeping atop the covers in his latest motel bed, which -- ew! When I was a kid and we went on family vacations, the first thing my mother would do when we entered a hotel room, was fold down the bedspreads, and then spray the joint down with Lysol. Dozing Dean's still fully dressed, boots and all, and is using his leather jacket instead of covers, not just because he's exhausted and out of Lysol (and mothers), but because he's going to need to be dressed in the next scene. Sam tiptoes around; his emotions are inscrutable, but it seems he's getting ready to sneak out. He was supposedly dying to get Dean out of Hell and now seems hell-bent on getting the Hell out of there and dying to get the Hell away from Dean. He grabs his coat, walks out the door and we see the boys have taken refuge at the Willow Tree Motel. The "Tree" part of the neon sign is burnt out, but not the part advertising that they have TV! I wonder if there's indoor plumbing. On Thursday nights, Dean likes My Name is Earl, but Sam gets all pissy when he has to watch it. He has ever since he questioned if two adult brothers could stand sharing a dumpy motel room all the time, and Dean threw pie at him.

Ruby drives up in a sexy little yellow maybe-a-Mustang with black racing stripes and a rear spoiler. Sam shoots an almost angry look back at his room and gets in the car, because he's Riley-feeding-himself-to-vamps messed in the head. He's not Wesley-taking-your-bucket messed up in the head. Yet. But give him time. When Ruby asks if he's ready, he practically spits his one line - nay, word -- of the episode, "Definitely." Reportedly, Jared Padalecki had other commitments, but that hasn't seemed to mitigate the Sam Girls' ire. The bad news is: that's all we're getting of Sammy Sinister this week. The good news is: that's all we're getting of Ruby Twos-Day this week, too. Regardless of where their characters are going, by the looks on their faces, I would not be surprised to learn Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese headed to their agents' offices for a come to Jesus meeting. I'm sure the Sam Girls were already outside Jared's when he got there.

Back in the room, we zoom in on Dean and into his dreams which are Hellish enough to wake him with a start. Castiel makes his presence on the other side of the bed known. "Hello, Dean. And what were you dreaming about?" If Misha Collins keeps being so...him, I'm going to have to leave my church for one that uses a confessor, because I can't deal with this on my own much longer. Dean throws aside his jacket. "What? Do you get your freak on watching other people sleep? What do you want?" Castiel says, "Listen to me. You have to stop it." I'm pretty sure he's talking to the posters hyperventilating in the Ho!Yay thread, but you can tell Dean wants to make it all about him, because he raises an eyebrow. Castiel touches two fingers to his forehead. Yeah. Dean Winchester. Touched. By an angel. And the earth moves, or Dean does, as he is transported to...

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