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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

...A city bench in front of Bert's Barber Shop. That was anti-climactic. He's woken by Johnny Law, who tells him to get a move on -- that he can't sleep there. Dean asks, "Sleep where?" and it's just as well the cop doesn't understand that Dean doesn't know where he is or he'd be spending the rest of the episode in protective custody. Dean rifles through the pockets of his leather jacket that he'd been oh so conveniently using as covers in the motel room, and that oh so conveniently got transported with him to wherever he is, now. SPOILER: He looks hot wearing it later on. He removes John's journal, which serves as this episode's Chekhov's gun, to get at his cell phone, which does not get a signal. You'd think a gear-head like Dean would notice all the classic cars driving the streets, and wonder if he'd been sent to his own personal heaven, but he doesn't. He leaves the bench which is advertising "Sugar Free! TaB." Remember Tab? I have two cans of Tab in my fridge (I bought a six pack about six months ago and I'm drinking it as fast as I can). Dean crosses the street to the Jaybird Diner, which might be a shout-out to the University of Kansas Jayhawks. The Allman Brothers' "Ramblin' Man," is playing on the jukebox. Hearing it and knowing who Dean is about to meet is making me a little misty.

Dearest Demian,

Shut up, all right? It's going to be really hard to pick on this episode the way all TV undoubtedly deserves, because every time I watch it, I wind up in tears. I'm just a substitute, for heaven's sake. I have no imaginary gay Supernatural Dragon, and scared off the one available to me. I "weecap" a freaking sitcom. I am unworthy to recap the manipulative yet effective gut-punch that is this episode. What's worse? I've apparently caught a bad case of...PITY. But still? Shut. Up. I hope your shoulder heals soon and well.


P.S. Is drunk dialing a regular habit of Raoul's?

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