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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

Dean sits down next to a handsome and adorably clean cut young man, and asks him where the Hell he is. He replies, "Jaybird's Diner." Dean knows that; he thinks he wants to know city and state, but he actually needs to know year and date. When he finds out he's in Lawrence, Kansas, Dean's face separates itself from his body and screams, "WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?" which, in my head, sounds surprisingly like Gilbert Gottfried. Luckily, the voice remains in my head, so the nice young man next to Dean is none the wiser, and kindly asks, "Hey are you okay, Buddy?" When Dean indicates he had a tough night, his charming counter-mate calls to "Reg," and orders coffee for Dean. What a sweet, thoughtful guy. You just know he's the kind of man who will always remember birthdays and Christmas. Dean takes out his cell phone and asks where he can get reception on it. His new friend laughs. "The U.S.S. Enterprise?" Dean gives him a look like, "What decade are you from?" Oh, Dean. Considering that you are able to identify all sorts of things that go bump in the night, and since you know it's likely there's angelic power at work, why hasn't it dawned on you that you've gone back in time?

Reg, an altogether too groovy hippie-looking-dude -- one who would put Mr. Rosso to shame -- delivers Dean's coffee. Please don't assume that the eye-bleed inducing horror that is his ensemble is exaggerated simply because this is a horror show. People really did look like that back then. Not everyone, but more than enough people. Most of the rest looked like this or this. Not me. I'm Baby's contemporary, so I was in kindergarten and looked like this. Dean says, "Thanks," then gets a second look at the guy and deadpans, "Nice threads. You know Sonny and Cher broke up, right?" The face on the swell fellow next to him simply crumbles. "Sonny and Cher broke up?" He looks at Dean, discerns the boatload of issues our boy is carrying with him, and looks to Reg. Reg looks back as if to say, "Baaaaaaaad trip, man." Dean finally catches on. Hurrah! He takes a moment to look around the diner and actually see the people. And their clothes. And their hair. And their clothes. The nice young man next to Dean has turned his attention to his copy of The Lawrence Herald. What we can see of the headline reads: "Nixon accepts resignation of top...." And more importantly, there's the date: "Monday, April 30, 1973." He blinks to take it all in and we hear an older man's voice call out...

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