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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

At Rainbow Motors, a used cars salesman gives John the 'fine young man just starting out' soft sell and when he offers to take off another $250, John says, "Let's do it." As the salesman slithers back to his office for the paperwork, John walks over to...a '64 Volkswagen Bus. A white and beige '64 Volkswagen Bus. Castiel is right, Dean. You have to stop it. And so, bless him, he does. "That's not the one you want." John asks if he followed him. Now Dean is A LYING LIAR WHO LIES, but he learned it from John, so it's okay by me that he lies and says no, he was just passing by, saw John and realized he'd never thanked him for the cup of coffee and explains he was a little out of it at the time. John says, "More than a little," and you can see that panicked look in his eye that some straight guys get when they think another man is coming onto them. It doesn't fade when Dean asks to let him repay the favor, but the tension eases after he taps the hood of a black, 1967 Chevy Impala (Baby! ) and says, "This is the car you want." John, who is a mechanic, thinks he has one up on Dean now, and asks with an indulgent smile if Dean knows something about cars. Dean, who would get his tail feathers all ruffled if someone else talked to him like that just smiles like a little kid who's about to get his favorite piece of candy. "Yeah. My dad taught me everything I know." I AM NOT CRYING! John's not comfortable meeting Dean's eyes for too long, so he lowers his gaze to Baby's interior, as Dean continues, "And this? This is a great car." He pops her hood. "327 four-barrel, 275 horses. A little TLC -- this thing is cherry." John sighs and agrees, so Dean asks him why he's buying the bus and John says he kind of promised someone. Dean says, "Over a '67 Chevy, c'mon. This is the car of a lifetime." Baby purrs. "Trust me, this thing's still going to be badass when it's 40." How about 41? John's in love with Baby, already. He straightens up, sticks out his hand to his grown son and says, "John Winchester, thanks." As they shake, Dean says, "Dean Van Halen, and thank you." Hee!

As John checks out Baby's interior, Dean blathers on about being hung over that morning, but he's just trying to suss out whether 1973 John is a hunter. He mentions cold spots, and the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur in the diner, but John says he didn't notice anything like that. Dean gets desperate. "Have there been any cattle mutilations in town." Way to make him sorry he told you his name, Dean. "Okay mister, stop it." Dean mutters, "Yeah. If only I knew what to stop." He realizes he's freaking his father the kid out, so he closes with, "Listen, watch out for yourself, okay?" John says, "Yeah, sure," and Dean makes eyes at Baby, smiles at John, and takes his leave. When the salesman returns, John tells him he'll take the Impala. Yay! Dean stopped it! Episode over. No more tears. It's happy ending time, right?

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