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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

Wrong. Baby drives up to a big old grey house with a front porch I covet. Even though I've now seen the episode 87 times, I expect Dean to be driving her, because I'm just that conditioned, and don't remember that it's John's car and that he's young and alive until Dean drives up on the other side of the street, in what might be a yellow Chevy Vega, AMC Gremlin or Hornet, Mercury Bobcat, or Ford Pinto, or something of that ilk, except the headlights are rectangular, and I think all those cars had round headlights back then. The Pinto went rectangular later on. Is this an anachronism? I suppose it doesn't matter, but it's driving me crazy so if you can ID the car, shoot me an e-mail, please. Until then, it's the yellow Possible-Pinto of Anachronism. What matters is that it's dinky and pale yellow, not hot yellow like Ruby's car and Dean Winchester is driving it. Ahahahahaha. A beautiful young blonde runs out to greet John and asks what happened to the van. John tells her all the reasons that it's better than the van. A stunned Dean watches from a distance and whispers, "Mom?" CRYING NOW.

Dean watches Mary and John through a diner window. He's mesmerized. "Sammy, wherever you are, Mom is a babe. I'm going to hell. Again." The line could and ought to come off disturbing, but Ackles' delivery saves it. Inside, John and Mary discuss that her father is difficult. She tries to assure John it's not him -- her dad's just protective. But John says he's been unreceptive to him for years and he wonders if it's because he's a mechanic from a family of same. Mary puts a stop to that and tells him she loves him for who and what he is. I think that comes across condescending, but John's okay with it. She tells him she'll be right back. Once she leaves the table, John takes out a ring box from his coat pocket and examines the diamond he's bought his best girl. As Dean looks on, Mary sneaks up behind him and demands to know why he's following them. She's been onto him since her house. Momma plays rough. She kicks Dean's ass the way she might have, had she lived through his teen years, and I feel a little vindicated on her behalf, even if she doesn't know any better. Of course he's not hitting her back because she's his Mom and a beautiful young girl. But still, she's going all Buffy on him -- right down to the weak-wristed punches. He finally pins her against the building, suggests they talk about this, and then notices her charm bracelet full of crosses, Stars of David, pentagrams and other spiritual signals. Wide-eyed, he asks, "Are you a hunter?" METAL TEETH CHOMP!

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