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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

Baby drives back up to Mary's house. We see "THE CAMPBELLS" on the mailbox. Baby and John drop Mary off, but although he gets a sweet but fairly chaste kiss goodnight, he neither walks her to the door nor waits for her to get inside before driving away. Maybe that's why her father doesn't like you, John? Ah, I can't blame that cute kid. Let's yell at Kripke and crew instead, shall we? Look guys, there's no way that in 19 frickin' 73, a clean cut Corporal John Winchester who is just home from the 'Nam does not walk his intended fiancée to the door of the house in which dwells her father who is none too impressed with him. Yeah, I know you wanted a convenient way for Dean to meet up with Mary again, but you should have taken care to make it a good way. Maybe we don't see them drive up. Maybe we close in on them saying their goodnights on the porch, Mary faking like she's in for the night, but coming right back out as John drives off because she knows Dean's lurking. Something. Anything. Am I nitpicking? Sure, but your actors and characters are better than this, so you should be, too. Dean's lurking and talks his way into Mary's house, because he *has* to meet his grandfather, even though Mary tries to warn him off. Inside, Dean aces Grandpa Mitch Pileggi's vampire slayage quiz (decapitation -- not wooden stakes nor silver -- is the way in the Supernatural 'verse) and is all proud of himself, but Grandpa could care less and wants to give him the heave ho because he doesn't trust other hunters in his home or around his family. Probably not the worst ground rule. Grandma Winchester (the mom from Reaper) says, "Knock it off, Samuel," and makes it clear that Mary and Dean get their good looks from her side of the family. She introduces herself as Deanna, invites him to supper, puts Grandpa in his place another time or two, and sets us up to enjoy Dean's realization that Sam is named after their grandfather while he's named after their grandmother. I wonder how long Dashing El Deano will keep that secret from the brother whose masculinity he's constantly maligning.

Sitting down to what could be his first home cooked meal since November 2, 1983, Dean and his family make small talk. He's no more forthcoming with Samuel about his current case, than Samuel is with him. Mary wants to know why Dean was following her and John. Dean lies; which you can tell because his mouth is open and sound is coming out. He says he thought something was following her...boyfriend, but he doesn't think that any more. Dean's brain doesn't know how to compute Deanna's amusement at the idea of John Winchester mixing it up with spirits, coupled with Samuel's mild contempt for the 'nice, naïve civilian'. Oh Grandpa, if only you knew. Mary scoffs at her father. "So what -- you'd rather me be with a guy like this?" Despite what a faction of the fandom scribbles in its LiveJournals, Dean's incest taboo is in strong, working order. "What? No. No. No no. No." I want to hand it to Jensen Ackles and Amy Gumenick. These two young, beautiful humans never for a moment give me a vibe that there's any sexual attraction between Dean and young Mary, yet they have plenty of non-romantic chemistry, enough that I wish she the actress could have been cast as a love interest for him. Don't misunderstand, though -- there's never a moment I stop thinking she's his mom, even though she doesn't know it. There's never a moment I think he's forgotten he's her son. Bravo to them both (and to the craft services people who in no way sprinkled saltpeter on their lunch). Mary reveals Samuel is working a case at the Whitshire Farm. Tom Whitshire got caught up in a combine, despite the fact that his crops were dead. Grandpa's investigating if that was a demonic omen, and Dean gets schooled in the long slow process of pre-internet era research. ("Did you find anything on the web...of information you have assembled?" Heh.) Dean suggests they join forces, but Grandpa says, "What part of 'we work alone' do you not understand, son?" Mee-ow.

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