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A Hardy Boy Goes Back To The Future

Morning at Whitshire farm. Grandpa arrives disguised as a priest and he brings Mary with him, which seems like it would call his cover into question. He's been beaten to the punch by young Father Van Halen, who introduces his Grandpa as "Father Cheney" (and that's your joke for this paragraph, because I can't top it) to the Bitter Widow Beth Whitshire. Say that ten times fast. Father Cheney tries to smile at the widow, but it comes out...oh my word, it comes out exactly like Sam's bitch face. That apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Sadly, Dean misses it and heads out to see Mary, who's chatting up the Whitshire boy. Mary and Dean extract enough information from young Charlie to realize he unwittingly made a vague deal with a demon who said he'd be 'comin' a-calling' ten years from now. He never wanted his dearly departed, drunken, spouse-abusing Dad to die; he just wanted the beatings to stop. Dean and Mary walk away for a moment and Dean tells his mother he thinks Charlie pimped his soul to a demon and doesn't even know it. When Mary asks Charlie what the Demon looks like, we learn he's a pretty average looking white guy, except for his eyes. Of yellow. DUN!

My phone rings. Not thinking, I pick it up. "Was that a DUN? A DUN! Are you sure? You're new at this!" I don't know, Raoul. Look, I've got a lot of work left to do, and I've already lost track of the METAL TEETH CHOMPS and the RAAAWWWR. "Well, isn't that an interesting development. Permit me just one more question if you please, oh forgetful mother of she who shall not be named. Where hic prey tell, is the GOOOOOOOOORE?" Have you been drinking, Raoul? He doesn't answer me, but I hear mumbled arguing in the background, and a voice I fear belongs to our poor Demian. "Ow! You overgrown lizard, leave her alone, or I'll sick her brat on you, myself. And by the way, that's my bad shoulder -- the one you saw fit to break." Dial tone.

Back at the Campbell's, Grandpa doubts Dean's judgment, because he's Grandpa, and because no one's ever heard of a demon with yellow eyes, and there's no way to kill a demon, anyhow. Dean tells him about the Colt, in possession of a Mr. Daniel Elkins in Colorado. Grandpa belittles him, because it wouldn't do for a Winchester boy to have a nurturing relationship with an older male relative, and says he used to tell Mary about the Colt -- as a bedtime story. Grandpa also wonders if Dean's got a magical demon-tracking crystal ball. Chekhov's gun finally goes off and Dean removes John's journal from his jacket, noting all the YED-related entries, including the Whitshire Farm that sounded so familiar, and LIES that his father could see the future. When Grandpa asks why the senior Van Halen kept detailed entries about the YED, Dean tells him. "Because the more he could learn about the son of a bitch, the more he could figure out why it killed my mom." Despite the mangled syntax, the Campbells take this in and are not without sympathy for the boy, but Grandpa still thinks Dean is crazy, particularly once he finds a YED-related entry about a 'Liddy Walsh' who lives just a few miles away, and declares he's going to stop the bastard once and for all.

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