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The Hardy Boys Go From Wags To Witches
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THEN! Sam reminds Jess that she knows how he feels about Halloween. Then there's a scary teeth guy. Then Dean's shooting stuff. Then there's a scary little zombie-death girl I can't remember, even though I've seen every fricking episode of this series -- more than once. Then there's a CLOWN! Then I get a glass of wine to calm down from the CLOWN! Fighting. Shooting. Dying. Djinn light tricks. Shooting. Dying. A Reaper stalking Dean while he's wearing that T-shirt, and those hospital pants. Salting and burning. Exorcisms, old-style, with Latin and everything -- during which the black smoke travels upward. More scary girls. More shooting and dying. The very gates of Hell. Frankendoc. Castiel, Castiel, Castiel el el, telling Dean he's an angel of the Lord, and then that the Rising of the Witnesses is one of the 66 seals that must be broken for Lucifer to walk free. Lilith is on the job. Sam lies about using his powers. Sam uses his powers to exorcise demons. Dean yells at Sam for using his powers to exorcise demons. Sam argues with Dean. Castiel tells Dean to show him some respect. The substitute recapper thinks how much she'll miss covering this show, and how much she will not miss dissecting the previous scenes.

NOW! It's autumn in America. A young boy decorates a yard with a fake tombstone and bones (er... given the nature of this show, declaring them "fake" may be presumptuous, but they look fake, even for this show). A woman walks down the street and enters the house he's decorating, but she never says hi to him, so if she's his mom, she's totally ignoring him for the baby. The title card reads: "Two days before Halloween." The woman is carrying a bag, a bucket, a pumpkin, and her pocketbook. The kid doesn't offer to help her, which is why she favors the baby. I'm just saying. She needs one of those old lady grocery carts. We have friends who take those to the beach. (a) Yes, they have children. (b) No, they have no pride. (c) See also, "a."

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