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The Hardy Boys Nuke the Fridge

Back from the break, someone backs up Secretly Evil Adam's truck, and Dean approaches the open manhole with sawed-off shotgun at the ready, but it turns out the weapon's entirely unnecessary, for the beastie beneath the truck is long gone. Dean hunches over to shove his bare fingers into the goo the beastie left behind, quickly determines he "winged it" -- ya think? -- and joins his younger secretly evil brothers over at the Impala to process through recent events and strategize. Interestingly enough -- and I totally missed this when this episode first aired -- during the conversation that follows, Our Intrepid Heroes fade into visually fuzzy incoherence in the background of the shot while the camera remains focused on Adam's strangely stoic face, and that should have been my first indication that Something's Not Quite Right With Adam, but I guess I wasn't paying attention, because the twist, when it was finally revealed, took me completely by surprise. Silly me. "Oh, don't be so hard on yourself!" Raoul shrieks. "Have a flagon! They're awfully forgiving, I must say!" Thanks for the offer, friend of friends, but I've got another eighteen minutes of show time to cover, and this recap's not getting any shorter. "Your loss!" Yes, I'm aware of that fact. Shall I continue? "By all means!" Good.

Back at La Casa Del Photoshopping TrĂ¡gico Y La Hermana Pfeiffer Sin Talento, Our Intrepid Heroes plus their secretly evil half-brother slip beneath the police tape to enter the kitchen. As Sam settles in at the table to tend to his wounded ankles, Dean orders Adam upstairs to collect his things, for the boys -- realizing the beastie's targeting everyone involved in the 1990 case along with their offspring -- intend to skip town with Adam, pronto, drop the kid off at Bobby's Emporium deep within the lush coastal rainforests of central South Dakota, then return to Windom to finish off the beastie themselves. Well, Dean intends all of those things, at least. Sam's still of the opinion they should include Adam in all aspects of their current gallivanting adventure, specifically by deploying Adam as bait. Oh, sneaky, secretly evil Sam. How you've grown over the years. "In many more ways than one, if you gather my meaning!" Raoul! You filthy dragon. "Hee!" In any event, Sam and Dean's reasonably quiet conversation quickly deteriorates into yet another screamy, hair-pulling bitchfight between the two of them until Secretly Evil Adam slinks in unnoticed from the stairwell to announce, "I'll do it." And then?

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