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The Hardy Boys Nuke the Fridge

Meanwhile, back in The Underground Chamber Of Super-Smart Morons, Dean hoists another coffin lid to find...Real Adam's rapidly decaying corpse! By the way, it looks like the poor kid is missing most of the lower half of his body, a development Raoul would no doubt find positively enthralling had he not passed out from all of the generalized excitement and awesomeness sixteen seconds ago. In any event, Distressed El Deano stifles a gag and whips his horrified head around directly into the penultimate METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Sidebar: Seriously, I had no idea that particular twist was coming when this episode first aired last Thursday evening, and the way it played out was just ridiculously awesome, mainly because of Jake Abel's unexpectedly adept performance throughout the evening, so bravo to him. Unfortunately, because I now know of the twist's existence, recapping the earlier Adam scenes has been both a chore and a bore, because as I noted several paragraphs ago, it makes no sense for Adam and his "She's My Mother AND My Sister!" beastie-thing to string Our Intrepid Heroes along the way they did for the better part of the hour. Why not just kill Sam the instant Dean leaves them alone with each other, and then go after Dean later? Why wait? It reminds me of the first time I realized the idiot demons on Charmed should just take out The Glamorous Nitwits from afar, with high-powered sniper rifles. And it's always a bad thing when Supernatural reminds me of CANCELLED!

Whatever. Long story short, it was fantastic the first time it happened, but in retrospect, the reveal just blows the entire plot that came before it to bits. Oh, well. Better luck next week!

Now, where were we? Oh, yes: Back in The Underground Chamber Of Super-Smart Morons, Dean freaks the fuck out over his latest gruesome discovery until he inadvertently shines his flashlight up at the ceiling, where he spots a stained-glass angel window that clearly leads topside, and do you get it? With the angel and the Dean and the being buried and the fighting your own way out and all? Because we can stop this recap right here and wait until you do. Oh, you do get it? So, we can continue? Good.

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